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Guards OF Green is officially Recruiting, all you need to be is .......

Currently we are offering 1 Package to all recruits

    420 Q5 Helicopters weekly
    1 Q3 House Weekly
    PKR on in-game default rate 200PKR for 1Gold (500PKR Daily max) OR 25 Additional Q5 Helicopters weekly
    Discounted OR Free MU Supplies (Occasionally when required only)
    Bonus: 70% refund on all company upgrades (gold only)

Currently we have only 10 Seats available, please read the prerequisite below before applying.

Work for MU for 1PKR Daily
You are not authorized to JOIN OR CREATE any political party
You are not authorized to take any part in country politics.
Wear MU Avatar (This is not mandatory)

For More Info Contact St0L3n


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Lets bleed GREEN
Green is my favorite color, so voted!
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eslam2 cowards are not allowed Laugh