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★Japan will have to change a lot of things, Including commodity pricing, etc.
In our country, we have government officials, soldier, businessman, variety of manufacturers and Ordinary people. Everyone object in this game is not the same, but there is a common goal in front of us, Living in a strong country, and have clear objective and beliefs. Division of labor, this concept is difficult to achieve in the game, I think still want to have an accurate standard is better.

   。                       ,,.-──-,、
       ||~ i                    ,.r .:. :. . :. .. :.:ヽ
       ||  .|    ___________ (,;.;: ,;: , ;: ,; ,; ,, ;ヾ
       ||は.|  /丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶\;.:.:..:.;,;i.;:.;:.;:,;:..;:,;)
       ||  .|//\丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶\.:.;:..i.:.:.:.:.:/.:ノ
       ||ぐ.|/ 田 \丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶丶\人从ノ:::,)
       ||  .| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄ | |il .: .i;;i|,r
       ||~ i | ̄ ̄ ̄|!| ハ__ハ         ∧∧!. | |il , ;illll|
       ||  .|!|___|!| ( ・ω・)ノ      (*゚∀゚) はぐ!はぐはぐ~!
                   ||  .|   .ハ,,ハ .| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|          旦   ノ(   (ヽ-ooo- ill|
            l ̄i |__(,,゚ω゚).|____| |i ̄i|| ̄  ̄|i ̄l| ,,.;;,丶
            c(,,____,)はぐはぐ? ハグハグ♪

Control yourself

Standard commodity prices

Sell how much is your own decision, but I want people know what is normal price in Japan market.
I can tell you. In addition to arms, If you have a lot raw and food and else, they are excess garbage. Because you can t use they all at one day. You have 2400+ energy per day? You have more Factories can consume raw materials? Sell out and let others people use it. 

Continue to rise with Salary.

The price

Food raw 0.07 each JPY

Weapons raw 0.09 each JPY

House raw 0.15 each  JPY

Hospital is for our country stronger. If you sell too expensive. Do you want to hoard goods?

Q1 food 0.15 each JPY
Q2 food 0.30 each JPY
Q3 food 0.45 each JPY
Q4 food 0.60 each JPY
Q5 food 0.75 each JPY

Q1 heli 11.89 each JPY

Q1 house 850 each JPY
Q2 house 1700 each JPY
Q3 house 2550 each JPY

Continue to rise with Salary.


Everyone has their own ideas and else. I don t want to criticize those wrong concept. But I hope you can be better.
You get more money. You still need to use the money to fight war, and win war to get glory.

Make sure your position and what do you want in the Game.
We are in Japan. We have a strong army,  need more united forces to get more glory.

I will as government officials, to oversee the implementation of policies.

I am YouGodMe

I believe the future you will often see me.

Make money

   ;;;   :::: ...        ::::: ::;;;:::..... 
;;;; ,,, 、、   ,i             :;;::.,,:  丶;;:;;: 
      ヾヾ              ゞ  ``` 
ゞゝ;;;ヾ  :::,r   `  `          i、;;;ヽ;;;  ヾ;;; 
i;;;::::′~^        `    `        ;;; ″~  ~ 
ii;;::iヽ /      `               ゞ:,,,:: ヾ 〃::;: 
iii;::i `                `          ii;;;;::: ::    `    ` 
iii;;::i     `      `          `      iii;;;;::: :: 
iiiii;;::i      `               `       iii;;;;::: :: 
iii.,ii;;:i,       ∧_∧        iii;;;;::: ::: 
iiiii゚i;;:i        (  ・ω・)  `      iiiii;;; ::::: 
iiiiiii;;::i      (つ旦  )        ||iiii;;;;:::: 
iiiiiii;;::::ヽ;;,, ;; ;;;;~``;.;; ~`~ ;;,,,   /iiiiii;;;;o;;; 
iiiiiii;;::; ;;                    `;;/i:ii iii;;;;;:::: 



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first & voted .. keep the inspiration coming (y)
Me ganaron la pole ;_;
1.Prices of Raws are dictating prices of products. 2.Higher wages for our employees have influence on finally price of my products. 3. Taxes also influenced on prices. 4. High prices for our products are the safety measures, because time to time, foreign players made some attempts to drain our market, especially in the time of crises. Finally, if prices for my products are to expensive for a Japanese players, they can always ask me directly for special "patriotic " discount. And not just that, time to time, a new players received donations from my Storage in order to grow faster. To conclude: higher prices are GOOD for Japan, because they support development of our industry and they are our safety mechanism against financial manipulations of reach foreign players on Japanese market.
@shisui Nice.
Nice Shisui. Also great article Pei ! V
nice ! o/
Well, I'm surprised... This is a good article, the topic is hot, and we don't have enough people's with comments here. Maybe it's possible, our people are satisfied with current state of our market?
Support, good article, let's move forward together Japanese o7