WHPR Wartime Update

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Today s Date: 3/2/16
Author(s): Apollos, White House Press Secretary
Topic(s): War, Elections

My fellow Americans,

We are at war. Despite our efforts to find a sustainable and lasting peace with Japan, they, along with our backstabbing neighbors in Mexico, and our cheap-shot-from-the-dark newfound enemy in South Korea, have attacked our mainland. The good news? We have 50 regions, so fighting us is a war of attrition. It will require a HUGE investment of gold from our enemies to attack and defeat each area. The bad news? The first battle, although extremely close, was won due to some mercenary tanks from VISA. It was a costly battle, which can be demoralizing to lose. For the next and current battles, we greatly need and require our citizens and our valuable allies to come to our aid and defend our country, a longtime bastion of fre and leader of the free world. As we have helped our friends in EAGLE, we rely on their help to stand against the tyrants of VISA.

Along these lines, elections are two days away. Besides fighting in the correct battles, voting and other civic involvement are of paramount importance. Please inform yourselves on the candidates and their leadership abilities, and vote accordingly. We have a long road ahead of us, but we shall prevail!

MU Rankings
The game developers have initiated a few changes, among them being the new rankings for MU s. Please join a Military Unit to support our country s cause, and take pride in doing your part to making it rise to greatness in the rankings.

Keep fighting. Help each other.  Do not be intimidated. Cooler heads and peace will soon prevail.

Stay active, eAmerica!




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God save the Queen
cry me a river lol
^ Ignore those two kiddos. Lets continue.
Eddie don't worry, I find it amusing actually xD God Save the Queen? hahahaha please, this isn't the UK gentlemen. santiago: cry me an ocean? Ucryans
Need send Putin to them too.