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signed Xx
Signed X (lul)
Signed by Serbian traitor Glabasha o/
We dont give a shit about u.
Level 0 of diplomacy. Not signed by Eldrad Ulthran; see you soon in your RW guys
Lol. Gotta get out here before seeing such humiliating things more and more.
wise decision Wink
Hahaha xD
Poor France. Humiliating NAP...
But without torture or blackmail there is no fun :-{
Oh LoOk FrAnCe Is HuMiLiAtEd
De la Merde comme NAP. Pire que napdrad. T es vraiment nul en diplomatie Grey ........
Well NAP is more fair than other naps where countries get regions as well, this is fair NAP
Quoi payer!!! jamais!
Sa montre encore des put*** de stéréotypes comme quoi la France se rend tout le temps bordel ( même si se stéréotype est faux et sa été crée par les anglo-Saxons )
bah didon il s en passe des choses :,)
this agreement was made by vooz. Hail Vooz o7
Where is da guillotine Cheekyopcorn:
Chaujvia safrangets :d
Eldrad Ulthran don t talk about diplomacy you know nothing about it :|
Ohohoh B4B is wake up; you don t say this when we was in same alliance (alliance that you let died, remember ?)
Lol..better quit game than sign this...humiliating
oh i actually said it a lot of times that you suckks xD and you are fkd up . and yeah tno was better to die with ppl liek you in it Laugh
What happen my love ? 😭 @b4b
@hh i loveee you @_@
well obviusly France broke nap dont expect gold backSmile
Are you stupid ? Do you think we are stupid ? You re never golds back.... Are for prove you re are stupid, translate the French version Smile
how am i stupid?You guys ask for Nap saying you CP dwed us by accident your congress said yes by accident and you attacked by accident XD Then we say we dont care about war with france give us the golds and get your NAP you say yes and pay the golds and then 1 day later you break the NAP you begged and payed for XD Please tell me who is more stupid me or you?
Smile You said that if we didn t break the nap, you golds back, and it s false.... And translate the French version of the nap Wink
@Fyore, no need for translation, thank you for golds, we are waiting for another NAP very soon, since France keep their word price will be same, 1000 gold for NAP, if you break it in 2 days you will get refund of 5%, and again if you ask for NAP in next 3 days, we will agree, and you will pay another 1000 golds, but you will get 10% refund, since France is loyal (returning) customer.
Ure so generous
Ah ah ah ah. You re so ridiculous xDDDD
jerk ? ^^