Special Edition Spain Treachery

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Just historically proving who taught Mexico their treacherous backstabbing ways.
Tortilla Francesa vs Tortilla Española Francia apesta Smile
Thank you for all your support! Let's end this!
Portugal attacks Spain loses the war and now walks EAGLE crying for peace was not signed. I am a traitor, but I'm not crying and I'm not so hypocritical as EAGLE. is not so fun when you live that you not?
this is like reading jane austin - I never did, but I guess this is how it feels like
Yes We attacked first, but We wwere not in the middle of a peace negotiation, lol. I don't think it's the same thing.
Prepere your VISA-s cos Serbia will be there Laugh
Remove Baguette? Laugh
voted, cuz why not :3
We will try to fix this tonight Wink joanj90 is okay to discuss with me and Portugal, i contact Duque de Saldanha Wink I'm sure we could solve it peacefully Wink.
Its a war game and Portugal has the support of the alliance that made sign a NAP to a lot of countries including Serbia, so dont cry. There wanst any agreement. Cry when a close ally betrays you, like Mexico did.
Fibonnacci, you could think better before attacking Spain.