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Some tech news from various sources.
Whatsapp allows to send documents over the chat.

Years after its launch, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messenger has finally received the ability to send documents over chats. The feature is visible in the most recent builds available via Google Play and the App Store - Android v2.12.453 and iOS v2.12.4. WhatsApp has also introduced a bunch of other features with the updates.
On Android, the WhatsApp v2.12.453 that s available from Google Play for some users shows a Document option in the Attachments section (seen above). Not all users with the same app version are able to view the option at the moment. However, most users on the latest app version available from the company site - v2.12.489 - are able to see the option, indicating a server-side update. For now, users can only send pdf files but the file support is likely to expand in the future. 

2. Facebook new reaction usage
y now you ve probably heard that Facebook has added more reactions beyond the like , with most users around the world seem to have access to the new functionality. There are six reactions in all - apart from the now familiar thumbs up like , you can love a status or photo, put up a laughing face haha reaction, or an open mouthed wow , or a sad or angry reaction.
First, this is still being rolled out globally - so if you don t see it on your computer or phone right away, don t worry, you ll probably have the option soon.
Second, reactions are a little more complex than a simple like which used to be an easy way to just acknowledge a post. Now, clicking like on some bad news will look really rude since you could have used the sad reaction instead. So before reacting to any post, do think about what would be most appropriate.
And third, Facebook also said it will use reactions to track user behaviour and for ad delivery - so get ready for an even more personalised experience on Facebook.

3.Typing things

The fastest typists in the study did have one thing in common. They mostly kept their hands in the same position rather than moving them around the board. They were also consistent with the finger used to hit each key. However, the study found untrained typists with unusual styles did have to look at their hands more, which affected their ability to do complex tasks. Over-reliance on fewer fingers may also cause fatigue over time. A better understanding of how and why people type the way they do could eventually lead to improved interfaces and even keyboard designs.
More info in link below.

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