NAP between Avengers and Ukraine!

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Hello Dear eCitizens,

Avengers asking for NAP to Ukraine with those terms:

1. Spain will keep Bukovina and Podolia for 60 days (From Day 856 to Day 916)

2. If one of those regions will be liberated, Spain will be able to take back.

3. All other regions from Avengers will be liberated by Ukrainian people.

4. Ukraine will give 3x Q5 DS to Georgia.

5. Ukrainian people will not fight in any RW against members of Avengers.

6. Avengers won t DoW Ukraine, if any terms will not be broken (Spain will have active DW for 2 month)

7. Ukraine won t DoW any Avengers countries.

8. Ukraine will be neutral 60 days (From day 856 to Day 916)

9. NAP valid for 60 days (From day 856 to Day 916)

Sign SC of Avengers
Sign CP of Ukraine

With Respect: Georgian Legend


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Comments (15)

Signed: CP of eGeorgia vSC of Avengers
Signed: God of Universe
signed: loyal soldier of georgia
No nap no Farmville.
Signed as SC of Avengers
Sign CP of Ukraine
Signed, King of Horses
What a shame for ukraineSmile)
That was unnecessary war for Ukraine, and this is necessary agreement. Now the only question is how many times Ukraine repeat the same mistake?
again ukrainian nap..
good luck both side o7
60 days of neutrality means death to community. What sense to play in farmville especially without boats like avengers has.
Signed by president of party of gays and lesbians o7