Admin gib gold

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Hey bro Admin,

This is Antimon.

I have shot 120 Life Kits Q5 with all the boosts and lost approximatelly 200 gold thanks to low income and heli prices.

Admin pls give more gold for medals. Make TP medal 6 gold, TA 4 gold, Make a CH medal with 10 gold, SS 10 gold, HW medal 15 gold etc. Make some supper dupper medals that will be cool and players happy and which will help player win a lot of gold and be happy forever ever after.

Admin save the game, Admin gib gold.


Antimon, a young, poor and inexperienced player with 3100 energy drinks which he dont wanna spend and so much gold that he needs for food companies that need him to survive all week without asking players for help and spending 10-15 on market



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Pole, Admin gib gold
Why I cant endorse and subscribe?
Send ticket
#supportAntimon We will gladly gib u gold back dear player Antimon but u must kiss our feet first Laugh :laughing:
But if you get more golds by using helis than selling them... Than who would sell helis ?
admin, gib energydrinks for free
more gold from medals means prizes will go up
V36 ++++
I would like to receive more gold in the medals, but our admins think the ``gold excess`` is the main problem of this game...
already dead xD
of course gold excess is the main problem of the game, who would buy gold if everyone got it enough in game. it is just not our main problem Smile
Admin said: Do you need gold? Want to win gold? Please go here: You only need a piece of platicWink If you give 69.9, you win 420 gold, the biggest guaranteed score, not the raffle Smile))
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