[CP] official article of eGeorgia!

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Hello dear friends,

1-2 weeks ago our ppl from official article talked about what we will do if our friends will continue fighting against us in our RW s, some this people started laughting about that, coz they thought that eGeorgia will be still neutral when they r fighting against us !!!



we not started war, this started ppl who was fighting against us in our RW s and big hello from eGeorgia !!!

Hail War !!!

With Respect: Georgian Legend


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Hail War !!!
Hail War!!
Finally Georgia is in war zone. Hello from an old friend o7 Hail War
Friends? Laugh pff
war war war !
it was: veni vidi vici ? I will say: war overkill wipe ! ))
Run japon Run
Heil War!!! o7
No war no fun
erejs is ready ^_^
won t wipe in 2 days? xD
haha my bro love u and miss u xD