Top 20 countries by their total damage

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Hey there, I ve decided to analyse the total damage of top 20 countries by their population, dealt since the beginning of the game.
I calculated the total damage of one country by adding damage of their MUs. I know that a lot of powerful countries have been left out because of the top 20 criteria, but the population of these top 20 countries is 91.2% of total worlds population. In my analysis I have included 317 military units.

Total damage dealt by these countries is 58,4 trillion!

I leave the interpretation of these numbers to you.

Countries in order by their total damage:
1. Serbia
2. Iran
3. Croatia
4. Romania
5. Turkey
6. France
7. Brazil
8. Bulgaria
9. Georgia
10. Macedonia
11. Indonesia
12. Greece
13. Portugal
14. Poland
15. Argentina
16. Albania
17. USA
18. Slovenia
19. Ukraine
20. Taiwan

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[Top 20 countries by their total damage]:
Jooo jako lose
Very interesting, ty !
big work Smile congratz
USA top 10 !
Good job,
countries are in order by their population. pie chart shows countries with highest dmg clockwise
I ve added the list in order from highest dmg to lowest.
Hail Serbia o7
Make real statistics
PA crl o7
Where is Hungary?
I think the from the begining of the game calculation is a little unfair. Do the calc in the last month, that one should be interesting Smile
good job, but Italy has more damage than Taiwan
Top MU of France is EDC, but beside that, good article !
This is not the picture of the current situation in eworld, but rather a history of the game based on the damage, so I published MUs that dealt the most damage. For the countries that are missing, you weren t included, because your countrys population isn t in the top twenty, however it would be interesting to count and analyse the damage dealt by top 20 countries in the past month.
Mislim da si malo pogrijesio jer je ovo, koliko sam ja primijetio, mjerilo koliko ima stanovnika koja drzava pa tek onda njen dmg, jer u dmg nema reda npr Turska 4,8 georgia 2,6 iran 5,7 znaci tu nesto nije uredu ali svaka cast za trud
sem malo obrnil tabelo
the population of these top 20 countries is 91.2% of total worlds population, and much less % of total worlds ACTIVE population.
Good idea Smile
Good effort thank you
No Hungary no vote!!!! Smile
I think that you are very upset and weep. So try to make up for your hatred. never mind. You Excellent Unique The best perfect good nice and .... try more baby
Thanks for your time to make this article, but no Hungary,no vote. o7
Hungary, Denmark ? 😯
He only took the top 20 in population countries, so Hungary and Denmark do not appear (this game has no easy way to measure the countries Power btw)
He should have take the active population! Bad stat! Sad