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I have two proposals which i think could modify erev and make it more interesting and popular amongst new players.

1) I would like to propose introduction of casino games on erevollution.
It would be really interesting and fun if we could play poker with other erev players
for gold or currency ... This type of entertainment is popular on a lot
of social networks. In some aspects erev is similar to social network
as you have new imaginary identity in e-world. I think this type of
activity would be popular among erev players.

2) I would like to propose different type of alliance (not just protection pact) . I think
that it would be interesting if neighbouring countries could unite ( for
example two neighbouring countries of Italy and France decide to unite
... Congressman from one country makes a proposal and both parliaments
from two countries vote ... If they vote for unification they create a
new united state France and Italy. That state has new elections for new
president. Parliament of both countries continues to be chosen by its
citizens independently but votes on same lows for united state. Only low
on which they dont vote together is the proposal to end the union. I
think this type of union would be popular amongst small states as they
dont have enough people to create functioning country with healthy trade
monetary and job market. This would lower the difference between
smaller and bigger states.

To conclude I think that the suggestion about the union is a little complicated one and potentially
risky. It could completely change the feel of the game whether in good
or bad way.
On the other hand suggestion about introducing casino games ( poker) is definitely playing safe. It would make erev a lot more
interesting and exciting without any serious danger of changing the
feel of the game in bad way.



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CACA,I did not know that you know English.
CACA knows every language - that's why he is CACA! xD