Battle analysis- Ukraine Vs Albania- the battle on Donbas

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Battle analysis- Ukraine Vs Albania- the battle on Donbas
Hello everyone, Rontow here!
I m back, with another war analysis.
Now, you may have noticed that this article took longer to make. you ll see why....
Anyway, lets get to it!

So, we finally analyse a war that isn t between Romania and Italy- UKRAINE VS ALBANIA!
As usual, we will see if the top 3 fighters truly gave everything they could, why the battle ended the way it did..... an a bonus ;)

Lets start with the Winning side, Ukraine!

countries and hits-
DING DING DING! Congrats to Japan, you are the first ally in any of the battles I ve analysed that did more than 10B damage! indeed, a worthy ally.

top fighters-

The damage table-

Wow! all the top fighters used more than Q5 helis. indeed, they gave everything they could, which resulted in their victory!

And now, for the Albanian side!

countries and hits-
Interesting! Albania did more than 80% of the damage! nice!

top fighters-

Top fighters damage table-
3/3, Just like Ukrainian side. WOW! all the top fighters in Albania s side used weapons stronger than just Heli Q5. o7

And now, for why the battle ended that way.

It s very interesting actually. It s not because the hits or the amount of players, because they are both almost equal. in this case, it s because WHO hit the most. you see, Ukraine s top fighter alone hit more than 11k times. that s 11k powerful hits. on the other side, Albania s top fighter hit about a half of that. in fact, if Romy hit the same amount of times as Moldova, Albania would have won.

Beside that, we have to talk about allies too.
You see, as I said, Albania did more than 80% of their damage. however, Ukraine did less than 50%. allies were the main reason why Ukraine won this battle. in fact, Ukraine and Japan (the ally who did most of the damage) alone did more damage than Albania, While Albania alone did most of the damage in the battle.

But... there is one more reason.....
I ve promised you a surprised, haven t I?

I ve calculated one loooong thing.

How much damage each side would ve done if anyone who didn t use weapons that are at least heli Q5 DID use heli Q5?

Well, the answer is....
Ukraine would ve done 41,450,847,122 (1,001,224,393 damage MORE), and Albania would ve done 41,481,829,325 (2,644,856,393 damage more!). That means that if everyone in Albania would ve used at least Q5 helis, Albania would ve won. Ukraine won due to using better weapons.

did you like that extra calculation? do you want me to add more things like that bonus calculation to my next articles? leave your opinions in the comments!


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Some damage from Japan its Ukrainian guys too
Good article. My suggestion, use erevtools and compare first 10 players on both sides (amount of damage) and top ten s damage as a part of whole damage.
@Ubermensch88, if you start to consider me as Ukrainian player (I will be flattered), something around half of Japanese damage was made by Ukrainian players from Japan ;-)
What if they use Boster??
@Don Juan Corleone what do you mean? like, in the final calculation, what would the result be if they all used also Q5 boosters?
Nice analysis, v+s
Very nice article!!
Bro, all it depends how much efforts both countries gave to win the game. If you really want to win the game, then YES you win, if you did not gave a damn whether you win or lose (which was Albanian case) then you have the result you have. My opinion, your assessment was waste of time. Any way also my reading and writing this message is also waste of time. So we are ending all of us by reading and writing this posts as WASTE OF TIME LOSERS CHeers
Great article as always o7