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Dear Citizens,

I want to declare that a Peace Treaty has been made between Slovenia and Hungary.

1. Slovenia will regain all cores from Hungary.
2. Neither Hungary, nor Slovenia will not send a DoW against each other, and will not fight in RW-s or direct battles where the other country is directly involved.
3. This NAP will be valid until 15th February and it can be renewed for 30 more days until 13th February if both presidents agreed.

Signed CP of Slovenia, Moolish
Signed SC of Nemesis, Nime
Signed CP of Croatia, spage
Signed CP of Hungary. 


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Signed by me Smile
Signed CP of soon to be wiped Croatia o7
Signed, Kitty hunter.
Signed, Gurgia s balls breaker
Signed, whit love Kiss
You have all my love u need Smile
But, where will we fight now:-(
Signed! o7
Syth aliansa have a lot of work to do
Eloooooo Tovaaar, Tovar where are you??? please say NAPgary...BoringDante pfei
Singed by Vokasi. Lord of Erevollution
Aláírva Smile
Signed. Football legend.
signed by BEAST
Signed by indonesian mult hunter Laugh
Signed by Demiurge, ©️®️ Archbishop of Perpetual Deliverance
Signed by burekdjija...
signed by japan Laugh
signed by black wolf, guy who loves to sign contracts o7
Only Nemsis SC signed this agreement? TNO SC is not involved in this agreement? Or they dont agree with this?
Signed Slave Bender , LGBT Member Hail HUNMARK o7 #RespectSlo
NAPgary Smile
Signed, the legend!
Singed, president.of.LGBT country
Signed by Rochet.. Lord of Kitty Laugh
Signed by Rochet.. Lord of Kitty Laugh
Signed by Disagree of eWorld