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Hello world , These are some of the naughty President!

1st place:
Seoul city
He stole 150 GOLD from North Korea and run away in  South Korea !!!

2nd place:
SteffanoS stole 230 GOLD from Republic of Moldova and stay there , and he transfer some small amount of CC on his acc!!!

3rd place:
Black Panther II
He stole 160 GOLD from Belgium and run away in France !!!

4th place:
GospodarKale He stole 240 GOLD from United Arab Emirates and he stay there !!!

5th place:
He stole 190 GOLD from Philippines and he stay there and he is permanently suspended!!! 

If I was wrong, I would like you to Gentlemen PM me and explain where and how they spend

PS-If someone have similiar information PM me (there will be more article like this :))

With respect member of CMA LuckyStrike



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Who the fuck are you to say that someone robbed a country ? How the hell you know on what these people spent that gold? I too k the whole gold from malaysian country treasure. Do you know on what I spent that gold ? No! So better shut your mouth and delete this shit so shameful to accuse people of something
Support on some of the cases.
el Macedonico i dont care i just see large amount of gold that is transfered and if i was wrong PM me and explain me on what u spent gold ...
Rising from the ashes
if you dont care then dont post shit for god sake whats wrong with this people !
This seems to be published just to blame on them. I didn't start this game early time. but trust Admin already took proper action about these cases if something wrong. If you wanted to blame on them, It would be better to ask them where used their golds first.
I found a more organized crime here:
hahah, im not use that money from tresury) :p send the mail to admin admin will prove that thing hahahahahaha
I dont wanna to send admin anything , would u explain me where u spend these golds ? Smile
@el Moronico: to know how much money was in the german country treasure after i left germany you have to ask admin... my old donation screenshots dont work anymore... :/ is it realy that hard to show what the money was spent for? i mean every 1 man company must have a income outcome calculation but some CPs cant show one for a country? and i bet there are even some CPs wich just dont know where they have spend the country money for... Laugh
i am interested by the article. So +1 Vote. But I don't think you are in any position where those people need to explain themselves to you. Unless you were a secret admin. Your comments reminds me of annoying RL journalist sticking their nose where it doesn't belong so no sub.
I robbed 5 golds of Mexico CT :d ok no xD
@raf I dont see any reason for calling me like that. BTW who the f%%k are you 2 to explain you what we did with the country gold? I was president and i spent it for what ever i want. Where says that cp cant make a gold donation from the country treasure?
I don't see MYSELF in this list...
UAE gold is in safe hand so shut up and what a hell you know why golds are taken from country acc
Black Panther : 40 Gold for Belgian MU !
Where's the popcorn?
@LuckyStrike im not use 150 gold from treasury, i only use my visa card Gold lol
Do you really know about these guys? I'm sure you are NOT. You don't know where the gold used for Country or Citizen.
Gee, el Macedonico has got a proper butthurt, lemme tell ya'.
it's normaly.
@el idontcareico: i dont care what you have done with your country money... but admin told me that as CP i cant even spend the country money as a loan to my people for things like training upgrade or buying weapons as supply for a battle... if i whould have done that he said i whould get banned... its just a shame that i have to do a googl doc and no loans for my people nor supplys for battles to not get banned and other people just do those things and get no punishment... i have nothing against spending your country money... IT JUST HAVE TO BE THE SAME RULE FOR EVERYONE...