Freedom OF Speech in EREV ! ! !

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Hey guys this article will be short and also may be my last article in game. If you remember I have written article about new event  THIS ONE and admins didnt like it so decided to ban me for 24 hour . It was like warning but i really do not care about it. Fk the game where i cant write what i want so if they ban me now I really DO NOT CARE ! ! ! 
As i got you cant receive gold from field 50 hospital but you can receive BAN for writing article about it :D


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And + why cant i write Fre in chat???
good job
Because f.r.e.e.d.o.m. is forbidden. Svani 9 +1
yea f.r.e.e.d.o.m Laugh i cant write it and its very strange
hahahaha Laugh free.d.o.m
Because the last 4 letter of f.r.e.e.d.o.m are the name of a similar game
fre of speech ! o7
Power to the people!!!
permanently ban is coming :/ o7 !!!
@Svani9, just write more and more articles, so I dont need to report you
why cant i write t.i.n.y ? Wink)
Dima gitxres rato dagades bani?
ara da simartle gitxra rac ar unda moifiqron faqti isaa ro statiis daweris mere damades bani, da rogorc aqamde vtamashobdi 1 welze meti ise vagrdzelebdi exlac araferi ar gamiketebia iseti ro bani damemsaxurebinos.
Voted for freedon, for repubrihk, for tinny u.r.l.s.
How you can take photo of your profile? You have multi?
cry baby cry