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As you all already know, after disbanding ACE, Asian countries members of the alliance tried to find own way in this game. Some of them are erased, as a result of the answer of The New Order coalition. Some of them are still fighting for liberation, or survival. 

I have no intention to disrespect goals of the other countries. This is attempt of analysis of the current situation in this game. We are all witnesses of crisis of the eRevollution game. The reasons of the crisis are well known. The question is WHAT NOW? 

We can join some other alliances and serving the goals of other countries. Being erased or not, doesn't matter. Players usually say - This is a game, let's play! 

This is the right question, and YES, WE CAN is the answer. 

All other options are gone, long time ago. We have only one left, as a tactic for success. Uniting players from various countries in one country. The choice is simple: will we continue to play some episode role, or are we ready to start a serious play and got one of the main roles in the game? 

Let's put a side former concepts. Baby booms in this game are now a distant past. Dying game needs different approach, so after all, why we would not play a serious role in the end? 

Imperial Japan is a country of new opportunities, open for all players in the game. We are trying to escape from the prison called irrelevant country. So far we are doing good. Multiplying number of the citizens, calling players to join us, expanding our territory, organizing a live marketplace, MU with supply, and many other things. 

Players from our neighborhood are the most welcomed to join Imperial Japan. I am inviting now publicly players from South Korea, Republic of China (Taiwan), and Indonesia to join us. All together, we can have a powerful country, wealthy and organized. Japan will also welcomed players from countries without free regions, we would be more than happy if you choose Imperial Japan as your new homeland. 

Political orientation of our country in Foreign Affairs is neutral so far. Will we change this? If and when this will be in best interest of Imperial Japan, we will. But we are not ready to be used as a sacrifice for a good of any other country in the game! Japan is not the colony and have no intention to ever be! 

PM of Imperial Japan 
Jellal Fernandes 


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aveeeeeeeeeeee o7
Its good strategy, like modern USA Laugh
Stolen from Tramps campaign ;D
Check Obama s campaign first ;-)
Japan looks like a very good option to a player that would like to enjoy the game
It actually is. We do everything including rap battles in discord 😂