【POTUS】 Announcement and Game suggestions

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Hello everyone
This article won t be the conventional messages from the President but rather something more personal that I ve been planning for a while but the office of the Presidency has been keeping me busy enough to not go ahead and write it. Well, I guess this is the time where I take the opportunity to tell any future President-hopefull something very clear: Unless you know you ll have enough time to be active and fill the role, don t even think of running. This is a time consumming job where you get new situations everyday and where you need to predict sometimes even what some people may consider the unpredictable. It s not an easy job and it s not just about telling the cabinet what to do and expect it to be done, it is also about having backups and contingencies in case something bad happens.

We ve had a rather stable month, we have gained prestige by helping our allies and we won a war against Cuba with whom we now have a Training war agreement and a growing friendship. We have Interior programs running and we have a team preparing tutorials and gathering mentors. We have a stable economy and we have a good military system. Naturally there are still things to move on and there are still work to be done but, the term ain t over yet.

In either cases, as the opening for today, I take the opportunity to inform I will be running for reelection as President of the United States. There will be changes for next month s cabinet and there will be a some new ideas for the running platform as well, so stay tuned for the next days.

In the meanwhile, the second part of this article is a series of suggestions to improve eRevollution, this suggestions come from a 1st level Moderator and I really hope they reach out the admins.



Suggestions to improve eRevollution by Abraham Lincoln (1st level Moderator)

I ll make this as sound and split as possible through categories. It will be easier for the regular player to understand exactly what I have in mind.

Political Module changes:

1. Add a law named propose peace. If the congresses of both countries at war pass this law, the war between the involved countries closes. Some things that could be added to this law would be the possibility to add terms for peace like a gold payment in which one country could pay to the other for peace.

2. Add a law named National referendum, this law could be used only by the Country President to ask the population a question and the entire country. The CP would have the ability to chose the available answer possibilities as well. It d be wise also for this law to have a limit of use, for example twice per term.

3. Eliminate the proposal limits for the Country Presidents. Typically it is acceptable if Congressman have a limit of 2 on their proposals, it makes sure they use them well and communicate with each other, it also makes sure that the country isn t entirely screwed if a congressman disappears but limiting a CP can be bad in countries where only the CP is active enough and it is somewhat silly that the CP has to impeach himself in order to gain more proposals.

4. Change the election tie breakers. The tie breaker shouldn t be the first to hit the Candidate button but yes the one with the most ingame experience. More ingame experience means that person is more active than the contender.

5. National companies - There have been problems with CPs wanting to create companies in order to suppy their people and to help their country and since the admins don t want to add organizations to the game, here s an alternative: Congress gets a new law named build company which would directly take money from the treasure to build that company. The company would go under the profile of the CP and the CP could use that company to produce supplies for the country. As soon as the term is over, the National companies would automatically be transfered to the next elected CP. Naturally if the CP used this system to abuse and profit for himself, he could be reported to admins who would sanction appropriately.

Media Module Changes

1. Top 5 national news. This is needed. While it is nice for everyone to see their article on the top 5 international, some CPs like their articles to target only their own population. The same happens with certain newspapers

2. Ability to respond comments on newspapers. This should be added so that if you find an interesting comment and you want to reply it, you don t have it mixed with other people s comments. It d avoid some confusion in public debates.

3. Add national shout feed. This is more or less for the same reasons as the top 5 news: facilitates national communication between CPs, governments and their own population.

4. Ability to have group private messages. This would facilitate the communication, specially between congressman and the CP or even between MUs and other groups. It is a pain to write 10 times the same thing to message several people when they all could receive the message in one group PM.

Economic Module changes

1. Ability to reject donations. This is simple: Some people who are aware of the rules like to donate to other people on purpose to frame them for multiing. Giving the receiver the ability to reject a donation inside a timeframe would be perfect to prevent this type of abuse.

2. Add a trade system between players in which a player can trade directly a good for cash and viceversa. This could facilitate the trades between players and reduce the possible scam attempts since it would not require a player to donate their stuff first running the risk of not getting paid for his goods.

Military Module changes

Giving the MU captain and commander the ability to send mass PMs was good, but you have a lot to get done in this section.... so let s get started:

1. Add the ability for a commander to create regiments inside the MU as well as name each of the regiment. This would facilitate organization inside the military unit since the commander could assign troops to each regiment according to a certain criteria (ie training squads, elite squads, etc)

2. Add Vice-Commanders. This is pretty straightforward, if you think well, it is unreasonable to ask a Commander to be online 12h a day and the captain the other 12h so they can pay attention to country orders and the rest of the battles. A Vice-Commander could do pretty much everything a commander does except creating new Regiments. A Vice Commander could however set DO, promote members to captains and all the rest a commander can do.

3. Allow MUs to have a storage with an automatic supply system. - The system would work this way: anyone inside the MU could donate stuff they produce to the storage. The Commander, Vice Commander and captains could then add active soldiers to an automatic supply list, name how much of each supplies are to be sent and then the system would do it automatically. Naturally the Commanders would need to guarantee enough supplies were inside the storage. Storage could also be upgraded for a small gold fee.

4. Captains could only set a DO for their own regiment, Vice Commanders and Commander can set DO for the entire MU and override captains orders. Commanders/Vice Commander could set the DO for specific regiments too depending on the strategy to follow. For example: A Commander could set the DO for an elite regiment to drop hard for a country and set the main forces somewhere else.


Well, I know this is a big wall of text and I m absolutely sorry if I bored you, however I do hope this suggestions reach the hands of the admins and have some change effect. If you like them, feel free to voice your support!

You may all now return to your regularly scheduled clicking!

Thank you and kind regards,



Alejandro MadridMrSharp1219HunBurry

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Voted! Great ideas!
First for a better eRevollution!
more of raw materials
well finally you got time to make this article,good one, now to make some pressure on admins to make this happen Laugh
Political module- support for all suggestions except National companies. If there is not gonna be an organization that can posses companies, 1 per nation, and which is run'd by CP, then certanally no need for smth like national companies which is much more complicated. 2)Media module- full support. 3)Economy module- well, anyone can give donations back. But, ok, its not bad to have an opportunity to accept or reject donation. Other thing, if admin implement some sorts of contratcs, then black market will went strong, instead selling thru regular markets in game. I am kind of more for regular markets trading. 4)Military module - full support. Additionally- regiments maybe could be possible to create when you have 30+ slots/soldiers. For every 30 soldier you have regiment, so when you come up to 31, that gives you 1 more regiment and when number of soldiers come to 61 you get 3rd regiment etc... Also- with every regiment it should be given 1 more Cpt role, and full support for 2nd Commander role suggested.
LOLLaughLaugh.....eRev programmer don't know to make good AIR BALLOON, I don't know how he will make this all your sugestion?Sad.....that all this is realized, programmer is needed one YLaughLaughLaughLaugh......otherwise, all sugestion is verY nice, but the question is: HOW MUCH ADMIN WANTS TO INVEST IN THIS GAME?
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Америка и Енглеска биће земља пролетерска.
add National companies +99999999
Big support !!!!
+999999999999999999999999999 all of it
+100 Laugh
Voted! Great ideas!
It is a pain to write 10 times the same thing to message several people when they all could receive the message in one group PM. so your religion does not permits you to copy and paste your text. poor you.
@Hurt Me More - No. But it's easier and less time consuming to write the message once into a group where everyone can see it. Specially if you want to send the message to over 200 people................................................... I'd love to watch you copy paste and do that Wink
Voted o7
Voted! Great ideas Smile
Voted, great ideas. Lets hope admin will implement some on the list Laugh
Huge vote and sub o7
"Specially if you want to send the message to over 200 people................................................... I'd love to watch you copy paste and do that Wink" I used to to that once in a while, you know. Unfortunately, you can't watch me doing that, and I can't put this on cam in live mode.
Voted, great ideas!
Voted ! nice admin should think about it
Is it possible for admin to add new medal? I suggest to add "Allies Patriot Medal" (U can change the name), this medal for person who fought for their allies. I suggest this medal because some people don't care about their allies and prefer to fight for get TP medal..that's it
o7 really like the ideas of the MU stuff. Defiantly distribution of guns
I thought I commented, I was wrong.
Awesome ideas, v+s.
Nice!! V+s
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Nice! o>
Excelentes ideas esperemos cual de todas aceptan los administradores Saludos (°.°)7