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Hello People !

I was wondering... Why don t admins introduced a trading channel ? It would allow the global chat to be wayyyyyyyyyyyy more clean. 
It s just some copy/paste I guess ! :D (I know it s not but there would be lots of copy pasta)
And it would be greatly appreciate by everyone.

Here s a screenshot so the article looks less empty


Don t forget to vote !


Alejandro Madrid

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+1. Very good idea !
V+ Great idea
yeah :p
in my opinion the best whould be a country shout, party shout, MU shout, friends shout (wich replaces all) and a trade shout (in fact the "new all" shout but just for trades and S4S stuff)
Very Good idea! v
Good Idea!
Not a trading chat cuz we already have trade on IRC..but a trading system so we can trade in real time
Better solutionSmile http://prntscr.com/a8xe6v
and friends
yes create a trade shout that we could trade on black market XD How about that they create international market on which everyone could sell and buy products only with gold. The taxes would go to the state depending on sellers citizenship. I also have some thoughts on the game ... read and comment Wink http://www.erevollution.com/en/article/3114