Idea Compendium II

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Small functional improvements that would completely change the game for the better (in my opinion at least)

11. Group Messages
      Allow citizens to send a message to multiple citizens at once creating a kind of a group conversation. Other citizens would be allowed to reply to everyone too. For example, this would improve the communication between members of the government in game.
12. Friends
      So I ve been wondering what s the use for Friends in this game. You can send money/items/messages to anyone, friend or not, so what are friends for? I m not against them, nor do I want to change the current rules for sending money/items/messages. Why not have a special tab in the Message page to keep all your friends messages separately? A Feed for Friends I think it would need a great deal of work to function properly, since people have a tendency to reply to Feed shouts engaging in conversation, and that could generate an inconsistent feed history since my friends aren t necessarily my friends friends.

13. Law Proposals
      When all members of the Congress + CP vote on a law, the deadline should stop since they are not allowed to change their votes. This would only apply to countries internals laws.
14. Mobile devices
      Make your mobile devices game page more user friendly. For instance the energy bar isn t displayed in the first page. Some citizens also shared that some buttons like friends and donate aren t functioning properly.

15. Elections Page
      When you are browsing another country information (Community - Country overview) and in the Politics tab you attempt to see the Election Result, you are redirected to your country s default Elections Page (blank page with the Presidential elections pre-selected - I talked about an improvement for this page in another article Idea Compendium)
16. Battles
      16.1 Damage % 
               The country damage % is still bugged. But it seems that the bug is only towards the end of battle, because I was fulfilling my DO mid battle and the % seemed ok, but towards the end it showed 100% - 0% and the damage at the end was something like 37M - 28M. I know this has been vastly reported but I think it s not that difficult to fix, I understand if you want to show the results as 100% to the winning country but actually it s a turn down, for the citizens of the losing country, since it seems their efforts didn t count for anything.

      16.2 Battles History
              Why not a Battle History? It would be nice to be able to see past battles, the ones where your country fought at least, and their statistics.

      16.3 Statistics
               The country statistics only show the damage dealt by countries you have an MPP with. The battle statistics besides the total damage for the country only show citizens who delivered the most damage. Why not add an option in the battle statistics to show the damage that all citizens gave for each country?

      16.4 Weapons 
              When the weapons you are using end it switches automatically to the lowest quality weapon. It would be interesting if you could find a way to let the citizen know that the weapons ended like you do when you run out of energy.


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Thumbs Up once again!
15.3 shows all damage but depends on the location of a player instead of his CS... a very nooby bug wich was mentioned several times... like is a very nooby bug 15.1 too... 15.4 not that important in my mind... you can see the number of your weapons you have left with every hit... 15.2 already possible... you just have to save the battle link of an old battle somewhere... i direct link from the countrys war page whould be nice and easy to do but i think they are thinking at the moment about wich missions/events/changes they can do to give their favored players/countrys a advantage... Wink 10. you mean a easier way to send S4S messages? no thx...^^ about the other stuff i dont care sorry...
[I updated the numbers since they were off by 1 number] So number 11 isn't for Sub4Sub, it's to allow conversations in game, instead of being everything taken care of in externals sites. Want to limit Sub4Sub? This functionality could only be allowed between Friends. About 16.2 come on .. seriously?! Your answer is for everyone to save the link manually? LOL
so i whould just have to unfriend everyone who is sending me a S4S message that way?... this could be possible... 16.2: its how it works for me at the moment... i have a lot of google docs... Laugh i just wanted to say that here is just missing a stupid link and not the data itself... admins still have to do a lot of work (well ok... adding some links should not be such a big deal... but there are other things that have to get fixed too and all together is a lot of work) before they should think about adding new stuff (wich nearly always goes in the wrong direction) in this game...
For me the priority should always be to get the features you have right first. They're only ideas to improve the game experience, ideas that they could implement in the future if they and other citizens like them Smile