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Today s Date: 2/26/16
Author(s): Apollos, White House Press Secretary
Topic(s): Referendum on Japan, Balloon Game, IRC

Happy Friday, eUSA!

Referendum on Japan
The biggest event this week was the referendum on Japan. Thanks to so many of you for making your thoughts known. Our President, Abraham Lincoln, already published a very informative article (found here) regarding the subject, but I ll give you the condensed version: The terms of the referendum were not universally appealing to our democracy. Half of our citizens did not like the terms laid out. That said, about 72% of our citizens preferred a peaceful solution over going to war with Japan.

This being the situation, we have rejected the terms of the Non-Aggression Pact, but are still at the table for continued negotiations. Our stance is officially neutral towards Japan. Like it? Love it? Let us know in the comments below!

Daily Balloon Game
It is the opinion of this administration (well, at least me) that the Balloon Game is the epitome of evil. If it used Donald Trump s head instead of that oversensitive balloon, it would be immensely more enjoyable. That is all.

This has not yet caught up, but from my time in another game the shan t be named but rhymes with Zee-Gopulus, I challenge my fellow citizens to give IRC a try. One portal can be found here: https://www.rizon.net/chat, though I know there are other interfaces available through other sites. Ask some of the veterans for their portal of choice. Simply choose your nickname, and sign into #erev-usa. It s much more conversational and involved more camaraderie than the Party or MU shout boards. Hope to see you there!

Don t forget to fight daily, tell your friends to subscribe to this paper, and tip your waiters and waitresses.

Stay Classy, eAmerica!



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