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I want to tell you my Character s interesting story in this game.
Before I joined to Erevollution, I decided to choose a country with small population, just for fun. I choosed Austria. At the first days I asked the Admins to give me 40 gold for creating a party. They gave me that, but gave it to an other person too. The effect: The most of the e-Austrians joined to the other party which created first, only 2 citizens joined to mine.
After one month the living in eAustria become boring for me. I decided to change my citizenship and get the eHungarian. Then comes the problem: I cannot change my citizenship until I m a party president in my current home. There are 2 other party members, but one got a ban and the other one is became inactive (and didn t reached level 20 which is required for presidency). The admins promised me that I can leave this party after the elections, but nothing changed after that.

But luckily they didn t forget my problem. Just check the latest updates:
The players who have any political position(country president, party president) and have been permanently banned are thrown out of the ministry and their position, and a new player can take it; same if they are competing in elections. Also all the workers of that player lose their job and the player s market offers are removed.

An interesting situation: Now my party is my jail. The only way to became free is to do something against the law.

Yeah. Now the illegality is the soap and the admins behind me.

If this problem will not be solved until the end of this week, I ll have to publish naked tits in the next article ;)

Update: The admins solved my problem, I m free from now. :)


The escaped eAustrian prisoner


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interesting....admin should change this situation...
Admin.. Uh... We want tits, you know
see above
free Willy, i mean free JACA Laugh
Jaca o7
Oh bro... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/centralamericaandthecaribbean/mexico/11738254/Drug-kingpin-Joaquin-El-Chapo-Guzman-escapes-Mexican-prison-in-pictures.html?frame=3375847
Petition for freeing JACA, if more than 100 sign below Admin you have to do something instantly, to simplify thing just say "I Do" Do you want JACA to be let free?
tits Smile
as far as i know there is same situation with mu-commanders. game should be renamed to ejailbreak
Free Jaca!!!
Admin, don't do anything! We want to see naked tits.
Free Jaca!
Oh, that happened to me in Vpopulus (or something similar)
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TITS OR JACA! http://www.erevollution.com/en/article/3039
Jaca you can come to UAE now Smile
The pleb is free.... Faith in humanity lost
Admins, I want also 40 gold fo free.. xD
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Üdv itthon testvér!
Run free comrade, and run REAL fast!
Grats on escaping your ePrison
grats but no tits ...Sad
lol where is the tits?
I have to remind everyone that the author turned himself into his "prison". That things get boring is not a country's fault. One can live very well in eAustria. Too bad my job is now gone with Jaca.
What no tits....Sad Laugh
Lol nice one