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Published in United Kingdom - First steps in eRevollution - 26 Feb 2016 10:38 - 60

Dear citizens,

We are back with another update:

    First one is very important in political view: The players who have any political position(country president, party president) and have been permanently banned are thrown out of the ministry and their position, and a new player can take it; same if they are competing in elections. Also all the workers of that player lose their job and the player's market offers are removed.Second is for military: If a commander of Military Unit(read MU) decides to leave his MU, the previous captain of MU becomes the new commander.
For this weekend, we are releasing a weekend event:
We will give you the chance to be more active in wars; instead of recovering only 10 energy every 6 minutes, you will now recover 10 energy in 3 minutes, that means double energy in same time.

We greatly appreciate if you write in the comments how you like the idea, so we know if we should do it again in the future.

eRevollution Team



Comments (60)

well continue with fixing stuffs and this maybe can become good game
Nice think finally, and dont forget the missions also Laugh o/
Nice! Thanks! o7 Hungarian version:
give us some rewards for 50 points in air looooons
olacak o kadar!
nice news, thanks Laugh
Once you give a job offer in market, after you change citizenship for a different country ,your job offers are keeping stay in previous market. You can fix this as well.
i still cant understand what were you thinkig with the baloons game. ... these two updates are nice.
good o7
Everything trying to improve is always welcome, you should encorage the players to connect longer to the game.
Very nice Wink but we need more food to shoot a lot xD
Keep moving forward
For the next week add Power pack and Blitz pack so we can play erep here too
Go go make misions! And no more shit like this balon stuff.
I think recovering energy in time is making somebody uncompetitive in game. You must usually be online for getting a good position, otherwise your name can not be shown in any leaderboard. Erpblc was a game once i played about three years ago and it was very attractive because a person who works in day time and find possibility to play after 6 p.m. was equal to a person who is online all the day. The only subject where long time online people had advantage was economic activities ( job, merchandise and monetary market activities). Maybe you have your own concerns or the majority is used to play game within this way however erepublic's attractiveness in early times was being playable while spending little time to a browser game. ( good for students, workers).
Dont add 20hp/6min , game will be to faster for lvlup and not good idea.... Better give some mission where u give some energy bars Smile
We don't want double energy!! We want BEERLaugh
good update..just continue good work
I think it's too early to do 20 energy per hour. Lot's of people dont produce enough food to take benefits from that. And people who can benefits from this are the in the top. So basically the gap between top and others increase with these kind of event. Smile
Thank you dear Admins!
Me parece muy buena idea, le imprimirá mucha más emisión y velocidad al juego
YES! Very good update.
Very good update, i would like to ask u admins to put some missions, that would be were nice Smile
The max number of friends continues to stand at 100, even though we have more friends - fix this! Smile
I want to RE-comment and see only my friends post
What is this .... Air ballon
Bullshit. Last time: visa for power (=pay to win), and now: be robot to win. Wrong way, again.
Guys I think it will only be for the weekend! If it is so, it's ok I guess.
Thanks for this update.
Give some missions
I think the double energy is not good change . We will have no life...every 2,5 hours we will be full hp...
you will now recover 20 energy in 6 minutes, that means double energy in same time. When will start this "weekend event"? For me now: Recover 10 more in 00:26
Whats you wrote: you will now recover 20 energy in 6 minutes The fact: you will now recover 10 energy in 3 minutes.
I like this weekend event, it'll be nice if we got double production too
very good update! I can catch up those lazy veterans! Smile
very good
V good job
You are going in direction where eRep is today. Shoot, shoot, shoot.... for the people that can afford it. Soon we can expect buying energy. The answer is in a totally oposite direction, limited shooting. Give the average player a illusion that he can compete with buyers
It takes more than one click to move to training grounds. Why should I tolerate this?
o7 - Small functional improvements that would completely change the game for the better (in my opinion at least). Share your own in the comment section Smile
admins on my phone no flash player How do I play Weekly events ????
Don't you care about people playing on their mobile phones? I couldn't play at all the balloon event!
10 energy every 3 minutes is really better, it makes the game quicker and more active
Energy every 3 minutes would be good to have always, or at least every weekend if they can always