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Hello Lithuania!
Yesterday our country was attacked by Sweden, which was a surprise for all of us once the NAP was signed only 6 days ago. Unfortunately this attack was real. Sweden broke the NAP to try, again, wipe Lithuania while we had a ongoing battle with Latvia. A knife at our back. EAGLE HQ immediately entered in contact with Swedish CP and arranged a way for Sweden to retreat from Lithuania and use damage in other fronts. With this, Sweden shall focus in other battles and leave us in peace. Even after deciding to focus in their other campaign and retreat from Lithuania, the Swedish prime minister made 8kk damage against us in Lithuania Minor. Today we will see if Swedes will really maintain their word to EAGLE and don't invest in battles against Lithuania. But at any circunstances, the government leave the warning to our citizens be always ready to defend our lands, avoid overkilling in TW's.

The Baltic Project
Latvia and Lithuania have performed the project very well, there is only one region left to Lithuania take from Latvia (Homelskaya) and tomorrow it's time to Estonia start their campaign. After taking Homelskaya, it's very important for us to help Estonia at their battles against Finland once Lithuania is their only MPP. So in following days our priority shall be Estonia if no surprises happens again.

I would like to announce that Lithuania have been promoted from Satellite Country to Member Country in our alliance, E.A.G.L.E. The promotion happened yesterday night at alliance's meeting. We would like to thank all our allies for this achievement, you can always count on Lithuania to fight and help our allies. o7

Hail Lithuania!


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs: Walen



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Hail Lithuania