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Hello everyone
after interesting battles between our two nations time has come to end it peacefully
As we stated many times we got nothing against Iranian people nor any hatred towards them, we attacked them simply to get bonuses and have little fun.

Now I'm happy to announce that this war won't be eternal and we were able to reach an agreement.

The following NAP will be valid for 60 days from the fulfillment of its requirements:

1) Direct war between Georgia and Iran will be over, and it will be transformed to Training war
2) Iran will let Georgia through his territories to UAE
3) both of the nations agree to not to fight against each other nor attack one another.
4) Iran respects Georgian conquered Armenian and Russian regions 
5) Georgia respects Iranian territorial unity
6) As a bond, Georgia donates 50gold to Iranian treasury which will be returned after returning all iran regions
7) Iran will not fight against Georgia or RWs against Georgia and Georgia will not fight against Iran
8) Any side that will revoke the NAP will be required to pay fine with the amount of 200 Gold
9) During NAP period Iran will not declare war against any EAGLE’s member and also EAGLE's countries will not declare war with Iran. 
10) Georgia will releasing iranian core regions when georgia atack UAE

We hope that this peaceful ending will deepen the relationships of these two fine nations

Thank you

Signed by:

President of Georgia:  Blackfury

President of Iran: macak

E.A.G.L.E. SupremeCommander: DarkWish


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this war was big damage for both sides Smile
Signed !
Signed !
Great Smile
o7 we had nice battles, but now its time for peace
All of Iran regions returned! Warranty golds returned to CP of Georgia. o7