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Published in Argentina - Warfare analysis - 25 Feb 2016 11:06 - 22

¡Ukraine vs Poland!

In this great war, two countries fought, Ukraine vs Poland, two countries very strong.

In this photo you will see the result of the war and the countries that fought for Ukraine and Poland

In this photo there are very good players, but the one who did more damage was Inspection with 27 million of damage!!!

Finally the country that made more damage was Poland and his allies, which proved to be a very strong country and won the super war. This war has been one of the best I ve seen, I hope to have more wars like that , so exciting and fun that makes you want to play more. With all countries that helped in this war, this has been an epic war!

¡Well, I hope you have enjoyed this article and thanks for reading!

¡Hail Ukraine!



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nice battle o7
Thank you for the help, Argentina!
Hail Argentina!!! o7
Argentina always helping allies o7
Thank you for the help, Argentina!
good article! Hail Ukraine! Hail Argentina! v11
Hail Argentina and Hail Ukraine!!! o7
Hail Ukraine! Hail Argentina!! Epic War
HAIL Uk- HAIL Arg o7
Nice battle Smile Hail FRANCE !!!
pictures for fucking ants
@Zerstorer aahhahahahahahhaha Btw, great battle.
hahaha it's true @Zerstorer, sorry for that
RT Zerstorer
very small picture