Kosovo and Metohija was conquered by Albania

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My last article, about KOSOVO war have been removed, by admins... i wonder, which ADMIN removed my article about KOSOVO war:) why we cannot talk about wars in game? :)

I want to ask that admin, what is the meaning of this words: Kosovo and Metohija was conquered by Albania

it means: Kosovo is Albania...
What is wrong with this and you remove my article?
You didnt touch serbians when they were writing opposite of this words, so why you are against us AGAIN, we re talking about Game :) 
We can write Kosovo is Albania, if we get that lands today, show your power against Serbians today.. not against us...
If you ve been uncomfortable, this is your problem, not mine dear Admin :) 




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Its not Kosovo, its Kosovo and Metohija or Kosmet . Our land is occupied now, but you know what will happen in future. Kosmet is Serbia o7
batasha dont cry and see this, https://prnt.sc/gwew6f Smile
Kosovo is Albania..
@romy bro you i have no idea what the f*** you re rambling on about ? But trust me mate , you need to chillax, you might get an ulcer o./
Kosovo, Kosova, there will never be peace in everyone s heart. There are Romanians in Serbia and also Vlachs (speakers of Romanian subdialects and Aromanian subdialects), but I ll consider crazy a person saying Timok je Rumunjia zauvek, because we also have Serbs in Romania. It is fair to claim the use of the minority language in the local administration where the population is over 15% if you are in Serbia. In Romania it was 20%, now it will be reduced to 10%. It is not possible for a country to have 100% speakers of a single language, it would mean to close its borders.
@joanid i have no idea what you just wrote man , like i tried, but no ,, i can t get behind your reasoning :/
Simply put, I agree with local autonomy, but no independence.
And those percentages of 10%, 15% and 20% are from the existing laws voted by the parliaments, just because I like numbers.
Kosovo is Canada
In your dream sipci !!! When the time comes my shepherd !!!
We will send you home in tears ASAP ♥
Oh ok fine ..i disagree with autonomy without a just cause..kosovo had never had autonomy before commies gave it to them for some reason or another ..that s when the cat flew out of the box
Kosovo and Metohija was conquered by Albania, therefore Kosovo is Albania!
Ja pisem na Srpski, posto SVI razumeju. Ovako; Kosovo ne postoji u Igrici, tako da si ti napisao Kosovo i Metohija je osvojena od Albanije najverovatnije da te niko ne bi dirao. Ali posto si ti napisao Kosovo je Albanija(a nije) onda je sasvim normalno sto su ti izbrisali clanak. A posto si pisao o RL kao i ja( i meni su izbrisali clanak) ja cu da ti pojasnim nesto iz RL. Kosovo moze da prizna 99.99% sveta, dok Srbija ne kaze Kosovo je nezavisno ono nikada nece biti. Jer po rezoluciji 1244 koju je potpisala ALBANSKA i SRPSKA strana 1999g je tako. Ako je Kosovo nezavisno, zasto stalno od Srbije trezite da ga prizna??? Zakljucaj je jednostavan, Kosovo nije nezavisno dok god ga Srbija ne prizna. Znaci nikada. AMIN Wink
We have been in Dardania since 4000 years ago Wink serbs came from carpathians in 6th century
Preko 7500g Srbi zive na Balkanu, dokazi postoje u Vinci(Srbija). A vas dovode Osmanlije, kada osvajaju Balkan kao stocare. Takodje postoje dokazi u Evropskim i Turskim arhivama o vasem dovodjenju. I upravo vi dolazite sa Kavkaza. To sto se vi stavljate u isti nivo kao Iliri, najbolje pokazuje da pricate gluposti Institut za genetiku u Svajcarskoj Igenea koji objavljuje rezultate da vise u sebi imaju Ilirsko Srbi nego Albanci. I to bi bilo to Djordjevic i 3 poena u zadnjim sekindama Wink
Kosovo is Dardania, and it is independent. Whether or not Serbs want it, is not a problem. Dogs bark, Kosovo goes on. Put your heart in peace for your health and mental hygiene. Long life Independent Kosovo!
Kosovo is Albania
@arinan bro can you get me one of those blue passports ..i m out of toilet paper
Can any of you siptars tell what they called themselves ...the illyrians and what language they spoke? Can you point-out any of their literary works.. Lastly dardania is a latin name for that province... What are siptars now stuck thinking they re latins.. Also to know exactly who you ate all we need to look at is your language ..mix of latin modern italian slavic and Turkish... Now tell me how did you come before us when between serbian and albanian only albanian has loanwords of slavic origin
Romy gina at it again
its funny how Albanians are trying so hard to prove that they are NOT Albanians... and even if we would be truth that you are decedents of ilirian tribe, what tribe? You cant say this was our land if you dont know who you are. Irish cant say that central-north europe is their land because they are celts.. So once again albanians, if you think you are not from kavkaz, but cant figure out who are you, dont blame others for that.
Erevollution is game. Enjoy it 😍
omfg illyrians is not the name of said tribe :facepalm illyricum was the name of a roman province... So if they truly are their descendants they should know the name of the tribe at least P.s where is romy gina Surprised still crying ,,,, cry cry romy , let me see you cry , come on cry for me
@romy, You can make article where you will write, Kosovo is Albanian in erevollution game, period.
Lol @TopSecret are you serious man? Also @peaky romy can make a tons of article about Kosovo and you dont need to care about it.
Guys common. 115 countries recognized Kosovo. If admins they do not want to see that, its OK. Their desicion. This is just a game. We are spending few minutes or hours in this game. We are having good time. So this game can not change reality in real life. Serbs are proud that Kosova in this game is part of Serbia. Albanians are proud that Kosovo in real life is Albanian. Nothing wrong with that. Albanians are in advantage as sometimes that can have Kosovo both in the game and in real live. While serbs are in disadvantage as they can Kosovo only in this game, but not in real live. Anyway, We are living in 21 century, as such we need to respect and promote some international values, which Kosovo and Albania do promote and respect them, such as selfdetermination. Share some love to all good people.
@El Padrino, please amuse me and tell me from what Ilirian tribe you (albanians) came from, ? As by your logic as Celts lived over most of europe, and Irish are decedents of Celts, than europe is Irish land?
TopSecret read below and get informed about Albanians. https://www.omniglot.com/writing/albanian.htm
Albanian absorbed some words from Greek and many words from Latin between the 2nd century BC and the 5th century AD. After that it was influenced by the languages of Slavic and Germanic tribes who settled in the Balkans. There were also borrowings from the Proto-Romanians or Vlachs from the 9th century AD.
Nismo se mi doselili od nikuda, mi smo prastanovnici balkana. Preko 7500g smo tu. Ti si dosao cobanine, tj doveli te. Vas jezik je smisljen na Austrougarskom dvoru, dok se sa nasim pisalo pre 8000 godina. Prestanite da kradete tudju istoriju i prodajete bajke brace grim.
Kosovo is Serbia http://prntscr.com/gwolhh Laugh
Srdjan M, so what you are saying is that Serbs are holy nation, Serbs invented God. hahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah
Hahaha ... this is where the Serbs come from. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qashqai_people same culture. same costumes
Albanians talking about Serbs who are God s people Laugh You are just fictional nation and people who have no history. Your all history is copy Serbia paste Albania. All yours biggest heros is 100% Serbs... like Skenderbeg. Skenderbeg father name is Jovan, mother name is Vojislava. Real name of Skenderbeg is Djuradj. Last name is Kastriotic...etc
Ako ti mislis da ova planeta ima 8000g. Sa tobom nemam sta da pricam.
ahahahha planeta da ima 8000 godina ahahahahahahh strasno ubice me ovde neko
albanians, if you have so rich history why greatest hero in Albania is Serb? question many times asked here yet not single albanian dared to answer with truth Smile
adriano, you posted there link about language on my question that was from what illirian tribe Albanians come from ? Dont dare to answer ??
Omg their name is not illyrians :facepalm: that s just a latin name of said province ..they don t know anything ...and we all know albanians claim everything.. They d claim your excrement given the chance ..also they re the ones who tried to claim ataturk and that 90% of izmir was of albanian descent lol
duchman there are 5 toponyms in the world with the name albania. first is the albanian nation in the balkans firstly showed in ptolemy`s map in 150AD after romans called the modern day lands of illyria albania because of the domiant tribe on the taulanti kingdom called albanoi(their capital was albanopolis or modern day kruja) later when romans arrived in the caucasian mountains they had no clue what the people there called the land so they called it with names they knew like albania or iberia(yep in caucasus is a other iberia too). and if u dare to say turks brought albanians in the balkans , go ask arbereshe people what are they going to tell u
Samo sto je Skender Beg bio iz Crne Gore.
@sidrit ok i d like to see some sources.. But judging from my study of the romans ..they weren t really that reliable when it comes to other tribes ..for example they called serbs from illyrians to serbs and triballi..if we go by de administrando imperia we clearly see that serbs are mentioned there and their origins but not Albanians ...but i don t consider that a reliable source because romans wrote 50% of their stuff on heresay..So i d like to see your sources and judge for myself if you don t mind
what are u talking about? serbs canme in the balkans 200 years after the roman empire fell and anly 2 or 3 byzantine authpoors call them triballi.DNA tests show that almost 0% of serbians have similiar YDNA with triballian sceletions found in serbia around 2005 i guess on the other side DNA tests show that albanians are natives to the balkans. in albania there are 2 main halpogroups that make over 60% of population e1b1b1b1a2 and j2. people from caucasus have none of these halpogroups because they are east mediterreanid and near eastern
That was written in de adminiatranda imperia which is takes as reference for everything :/ not that i like it but it is what is... And i m not interested in quora..as for triballi i don t believe a skeleton was ever found ...serbs may have assimilated triballi idk..slavs did however assimilated illyrians as writteb in DAI ..and they came around 500-700 ..as for those haplogroups
E1b1b1b1a2 also exists with serbs as r1b2 from ukraine and the one that peak in poland..proves nothing ... No historical sources point to albanian origin no artifacts etc... No sites ..at most what we know about albanians is a guess..now that s a fact.. Tell me if albanians settled before the slavs how does albanian have so many slavic loanwords?
serbs with e1b1b1b1a2 are asimilated illyrians and no r1b2 is different with e1b1b1b1a2. r1a2 came from r1a who firstly developed in central asia around 15000 bc an e1b1b1b1a came from e1b who developed in the horn of africa circa 35000 bc. illyrians were mediterreanids. jisst see pictures of illyrian emperors of byzantinum and rome, u will see curly hair and other med features
because albania fell under bulgarian rule for around 200 years and now is your turn to tell me why albanian have so many dacian latin and ancient greek words
Well latin is simple we all have them..dacian i d guess you stopped there on your way south and greek is rather self explanatory ... But you say we came from iran which was never confirmed nor can it be true... Serbs or lets say those slavic tribes first settled in the north eastern germany part where sorabs now live before they moved south about 100 years later maybe i d have to check and settled on the borders of then Roman empire before they made a deal with the roman empire to protect the frontier in exchange for land..now it was implied in DAI that those tribes tried to take that land by force and were defeated..then comes the later history where there existed various slavic lands that united all that
South slavs came from modern day poland and then moved to carpathians croatians are not mixed at all but serbs bosnians montenrgrins are fucking a lot in serbia u can find from dlavic and med to caucazian and central asian is actually more diverse than turkey
They did not move to any carpatians they settled here..and crotians are as mixed as any just in a different way ..with Hungarians maybe celts and germanic.. As for Serbia is depends really ..if you go by north they have more med. Turkish maybe ..serbs in herzegovina have more dinaric than the rest but are still mixed the same blood as southern serbs ...northern serbs are mixed with ro..hun ...germanic and so on ....i Mean that s to be expected after all this time..Turks have but 2% pure turkoman blood rest is just a mix of everything.. Purer turka are found in kazahstan than turkey...there you clearly see real Turkish features Even albanians now are a mix of everything ....but i feel we have strayed of from the original topic we were taking about settlement not gene structures..there is no truly pure nations nowadays we are all mixed to a lesser or higher degree
South slavs did not come from poland they came beyond the urals ..ans settled where the sorab ppl now live..those ppl are the ones who did not move south..because there was a split some did not want to go south,all of that is touched on in dai...and those sorabs are what s left of them.. Most of them were forcefully assimilated during ww2 and earlier
I never really studied where south slavs came tbh but i guessed poland because of their baltid features kek
Srdjan M ti si nepismeni kreten koji sriče po još nepismenijim portalima i misli da sve što piše je istina. Kakvi debili hodaju svijetom
But they must have stoped somewhere in poland before they moved in the carpathians in order to mix and get the baltid features