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Dear admins,

Make correction on the weekly event

10 points - 40 q5 food

11 points - 40 q5 weapons

12 points - 40 q5 tanks

U can take reward 3 time a day

20 points - Bronze trophy - random reward

25 points - Silver trophy - 2 random rewards

30 points - Golden trophy - all 3 rewards

Every trophy u can get once per day

I think that this correction will be aproved from the players, and they will like it much more than before.

Best regards,




Comments (23)

I agree,game is to hard
This game is so easy Laugh
I agree to, this is real reward
and on 100 points something cool . house, eb, or golds Laugh
i will get really rich if they make this change Smile i hope they make it Laugh
I would personally enjoy the changes but it would be unfair to people that aren't that good at this certain game
my highscore is 4 after 45 mins of playing and clicking... GG
I don't agree, since everyone will get all that weapons and we will have even cheaper weapons since everyone will try to sell them. I would like for them to add what mule said, and first 3 daily best records get something good
This game is very easy !
sht game.
where is it a new description? i get the firt medal, and nothing...
i agree
lol thx
hey... i died 10. round or i dont know what is it... after i reached 20 (without closing) and I get 40q5 food????? wtf... always stutters at the important moment Sad...
my score is 10 and i got tank B-)
mrcrow: I hope you tell a joke Smile
The damn trophy just don't save. I mean when you close the pop up you lose your high score and trophy
pussies, took me about 3 minutes to score 10