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Hello my fellow Americans,

As you may have understood, I have called for a national referendum regarding the Japanese proposal for peace two days ago. During this two days our people have voted and it is time to make the results public and give Japan a response.


Japanese Non-Aggression Pact Proposal Referendum Results


As we can see from the results, the response regarding the proposed Non-Aggression pact is rather inconclusive since there s no majority either ways, which means the decision must be based on the results of the second question which has a lot more conclusive responses.

Taking in consideration the results from the second question, we can see that 72.2% of the American population prefers a peaceful solution, be it through an agreement of Neutrality or a Peace deal. The remaining 27.8% prefer to go to war with Japan.

Putting the number aside and reading the comments from american citizens a few conclusions can also be taken:

1. The citizens who wish war mostly want it for two reasons: The first being the fact Japan started the threats and the second the True Patriot Medals. Some citizens do feel insulted by the atitude of the government of Japan and they would prefer a public apology regarding the first threat.

2. Some citizens do not agree with the MPPs and a couple few question whether the MPPs are even possible to be signed due to the restrictions USA has on the alliance level.

3. Some citizens raise trust concerns regarding Japan and they are not sure whether Japan will uphold to their word regardless of whatever deal is signed between both Nations.

4. The majority of the american population wishes to give peace a second chance and agrees that a military attack should be considered only at the alliance level or with proper reasons (ie further Japanese provokation).

Considering this results, my response to the government of Japan is the following:

1. As President of the United States I hereby reject the peace agreement on the current terms. The government of USA however will be more than available to further discuss better terms that may suit both nations.

2. Until a peace agreement is signed, USA will keep a neutral stance towards Japan. This stance may be changed to war if provokation happens or to peace if an agreement is signed.

I believe this is the reasonable response that respects the wishes of the American people. 


Message to the American citizens

More updates will be coming within the next days regarding the alliance as well as the remaining of the government. Some changes are being applied both on the cabinet level as well as on the national level. The Training war with Cuba has already kicked-off as well, it is important that all citizens retain that helping our allies at this moment is more important so remember: Don t waste too much damage on the True Patriot medals.


You may all now return to your regularly scheduled clicking!

Thank you and kind regards,


This message has the seal of approval of the President of the eUnited States




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First denied!
interesting. . . anyway georgia will support any eagle member
Third whatever!
Well said. Good work, Mr. President!
gud job
Good Work.
Well put, and you have all our support
Nice. I think this was a good choice, although it only just delays one of two inevitable outcomes, at least it makes the majority of the population happy...