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Published in Ukraine - Social interactions and entertainment - 25 Feb 2016 03:29 - 108

Hello to all you dear citizens, 

Today we have released a new weekly event called Air Balloon.

You all have unlimited number of tries. Rewards are once a day if you reach 10 points.

It is possible to win 3 type of rewards(which one is decided at random):

Anything less  than 10 points and you won't get the reward:

The trophies (bronze,silver and gold) are just for show, so you can brag about with them:

If you pass 10 points you will get notification in top left corner of the event about the items you have won:

We are sorry about the problem with it not being supported by phones, as it requires adobe flash player to run. Therefore, the rewards aren't big so the players that are using phones and tablets don't miss out on much. 

Also a small update - you can now delete your own comments in newspaper articles. Good luck and don't break your PC.

Update: Points needed to win Reward in the Air Balloon are reduced to 10.


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Comments (108)

Good luck and don't break your PC. x1
you're too late my pc has broken Sad got to get new one
so irritating game
Kindergarten, FAIL!!!
admins....what were you thinking? Who do you think is population of erevollution game? Kids? Morons? ... I just don't know if you are taking this game seriously seems you don't.
i hate that game..
voted Laugh
can every body stop crying its not hard to make 15 points no body says you have to be a pro. maniac or something else i didn't win at the first try...
"Who do you think is population of erevollution game? Kids? Morons?" Judging from the amount of crying, probably morons. If you lack basic finger-to-eye coordination, spare normal people from your ocean of butthurt.
hahahaha i am 2 old for this shit Laugh but ok better this than nothing
jahahaha nice
no vote. i hate this game
Terrible event.
I have 1 question, why you always release updates first and after 2-3 hours newspaper with explanation of updates? Can't you release them both at same time?
its to hard,and the price is to small
no vote, worst event ever
At least you don't need to pay or have points to play Cheeky xD
give us gold
Bad event.
Cool XD
maybe give us smaller balloon
just delete air balloon! just delete!
so hard.
so, whoever programmed this game, dont know shit. WHERE IS THE FU !!!! MUTE !!!! BUTTON? MUTE BUTTON??????? at least whe you making something make it good. not piece of crap
delete fcking air balloon....
support was inadvertently
great Laugh
I playing in my phone ._.
stupid event
what the...... 40 food i spent one hour for this terrible game
"and don't break your PC" Cheeky
Why you dont simple post flappy bird better game but hard and 40 point for reward..
what a stupid event...
If you are using Chrome, you can right click on the tab and mute it.
Thanks for the event.
Add bonus on DO!!!
What is this nonsense? Admins, do you think the players are morons? Epic fail!!!
so this week it's a flappy bird rip-off; next week should we expect something like candy crush or temple run?
Are you kidding us? FFS just delete that thing.
stupid game. I lost an hour for nothing Sad
stupid event
Are there any points in euro packs? Laugh
C'mon guys they are trying with new events every week and some events will be better and some will be worse that's just the nature of it.
Thats why we are giving feedback on it, this one is bad.
More eventes, not weekly events... This weekly event is as good as kicking the sofa in the dark! me cago ** ** ****!!!!
I hate this one sooooooo much! Thank you Admins xD
admin you should reward someone who got 70 and 150 and You should reward it really good
this is ridicoulus Laugh
best score 17
Oh my GOD!! Smile
so baad
Hey, I can't join the MU that I want to because my country is completely occupied and I have to be in the country where the MU is located in order to join in. Similarly, I (and the rest of my countrymen) can't set up and join a political party in our country, because it is occupied. Thus, we can't vote in any elections whatsoever.
stupid event. i don´t like this type of games Sad
stupid event
no vote, event is silly...
delete this event pls me and my chieldrens try it but nothing Laugh
Ako je neko ovo proso, svaka mu cast!!!!
Nije tako tesko, malo ti treba da se ufuras, al onda nez jebe ide. Cak ni nagrade nisu toliko lose
Dont know if I hate more that stupid balloon or that retarded cloud.
change points needed to win Reward to 2.
I'm play on mob,I don't have a any problem with ballon xdxdxd
Bolje da niste ništa ni mećali nego ovu glupost...
11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
uuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaa...the most stupid thing EVER! Gongraz Admin! You done it! 1st prize for the most stupid past time ever!
Give us Gold ,, Give Us Gold Queremos oro ... Queremos Oro jajjajajaja
This wekly game is so hard... add controls of up and down
i like air balloon, more games like this an will be perfect Smile
The balloon is almost as big as the passage. It reminds me of the games from 1980s.
Pokazi mi balone
Just give us a reward button to click that does not give us rewards. Time to go into 2 click mode till admins wake up to themselves
wtf is this/??
most annoying game event in my life
Is it possible to get energy refill after gaining an level?
tak tung tung .. o/
Adding mini games which require skill is a great way to set this game apart from its competitors. But I recommend making it easier and more military oriented. If it stays at the same difficulty you should seriously raise the prize.
I think is better if you will change this stupid minigame with one type shooter. Please think about this...
And should be accessible for all people, not only for PC players...
this is the sh... game I ever played! I can t even get more then 1 score! and I m a former world rally champion.
stupid weekly events ever
This is the most retarded event ever, and doesn't even worth it...
I like this event :}
Good support for the beginning. Thanks
Bad,bad event....i can't make to 10, even if i try more times... on my smartphone i can't get also to 10 points so i see the target 10 points too far to reach.
My Sincere Opinion: I like the Idea of a Game to earn Bonus (: Even thought I Literally Suck at this one, I like the idea because is innovative. Just don't make another event with the same game or something like it, each time you do this, Make a new game for it if you can (: Thank you for caring!
Pleeeeease, more baloon games....
This event is broken, the hit box is too large, and I often "hit" the columns despite having gone completely through them.
no vote. i hate this game
That baloon is stupid Cheeky
Stupid event (game), with no sense att all
When do we get an update that would allow us to trade with other currencies? I have 4 different ones and can use only one at a time, that's so stupid.
It will be better if in case of getting trophies you get better reward. PLz add that too
Right after "Buy strength" event you offer this peace of retarded sh*t? One more dumb event like this and I`m gone from this game.
Não ganhei nada ainda, não passo do 3º
Vay be hey gidi günler yak sigaraları.
ehe ehe
Koja glupost XD