Justice is satisfied! Red John vs admins 1:0

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Now i will get my gold back! :D



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Justice is satisfied! Red John vs admins 1:0 https://www.erevollution.com/en/article/29561
Haha Laugh
lucky John xdxd
HAhaha Laugh
Laugh Sad
If you pay with paypal you can get refund with paypal : ) Don t worry they are not allowed to do no refund system, it s against internet laws and if it s against them they can t do it even if they said it : )
admin seen your article and just showed you how to score own goal Cheeky... joke a side but admin just took lead
Red John VS Admins 1:3 Laugh
Admin had a huge winning ticket ..and could not let you to win ... 1:0 HT...1:72000 FT (72000 players and multies foked )
Roll what !?
trollback Cheeky