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Published in Serbia - First steps in eRevollution - 28 Sep 2017 13:52 - 146

Apparently there will be no rollback. Fr3kMen left ( Don t be mad at me, I was just an intermediary :((((((((((

Players of eRevollution,

I hasten to report the main decision from meeting of Country Presidents (and representatives) with Administrator.

Together we have decided that rollback is necessary to fix current situation. It is imperative step to make things right, to continue our journey. Additionally from now on, Game Management will discuss all updates with CPs, what is more, CPs will decide and vote on updates that they want (and they introduce those to Admin).

Backup files that will be used are from 21st September. Thus all things will roll back to that date: damage, experience points, strenght, gold, companies etc. Basically everything will go back to 21.09.2017. Gold bought last week will be refunded. Unfortunately players that registered after that date would be required to register one more time.

Process should be finished tomorrow.

Please post your questions in comment, I will gather all and paste here with answers.

Pport Stamp - will revert to 21st Sept and yes, we will lose few rewards
XII Challenge - same thing as above, but we will have one day of 2x energy to complete the challenge
PP elections - this is sth that is still discussed, no answer for now
Articles posted after 21st will be lost
Storage will be the same as on 21st, like nothing happened during last 7 days



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Comments (146)
bad ideea
We r ok with our 7k golds Smile)
So all my hard work harvesting GOLD is wasted.... What a pity - I was looking forward to a New World Order - where the effect of the credit card is marginalised....
gold pack reward int str ? what will it happen ? will we get our 60 int reward ?
Great o/
this rollback is a very big mistake, the community will be very mad
Good call.
what about XII Challenge ?
Reff gold? Gold pack? Map? Laws?
Dont steal my gold and war with Turkey pls Laugh
Great o7
just let the game die, it s clear for everyone that admins dont give a shit about erev
np dude, hahahaha!
This rollback it s a good idea, and if Admin listen player, they can make some good updates, sometime, players has good ideas for the game.
Bad, very very very very very bad idea
What will happen with my 17K Gold? Gold Pack? Gold spend buying weapons, food, and most important my time. Please answer.
You got that gold same as all of us. So its the same for everyone, and this is the only solution to fix the game. Its good decision.
im good with that, its best way. Maybe as compensation for all to get 10-30 LK. About registered players, from this event hardly anyone is actually real player. At least 25-30 got job from me, only worked till lvl 20 and went inactive since.. not sinlge player loged in after lvl 20.
Duck you
What about JOURNALS and ARTICLES? They will lost??? The situation is ALLREADY NORMALIZED. Do NOT make rollback.
What about [21-30 Sep] XII Challenge ? Will we get extra days to finish it?
When will you implement it? On Day Change?
Think of all those people who invited players: --- --- (post September 21)
Hihi nice1
Finally. Good decision
You could have done this Tuesday evening like I told you. Nevermind, sometimes better late than never.
7k gold is definitely better than 0 gold.
kako ste tako ograničeni, sve će se vratiti kao da je 21.9, kakvo vam je tada bilo stanje tako će i biti, kao da ovi dani posle nisu ni postojali
Ok. I understand you o7
because when you benefit a few with the BUG Helicopteros companies at the beginning of the game did not decide to reboot ??? and now that all are benefited if you decide to restart ??? is not just the measure, better to implement the TG q5, the following levels of boats to make spend the generated gold. events that require spending of weapons, or divide the damage of 24 hours in 4 so every 6 hours to strike with different weapon.
vi ste idioti
Why did you decide to publish this article after Serbian-Bulgaria vs Turkey batt??? You will be NEVER FAIR
Good decision.
@admin send announcement to all players on mail about rollback, so that the ones who gave up playing immediately after tp update could come back
Good decision, but what is going to happen to the rewards I got from the reflink event?
7 days for what?
Life kits?
fucking game
yes but elections, gold pack and challenge awards... ? what ?
So all my hard work harvesting GOLD is wasted....
you can t take my gold Sad
At least we saw that turkey dont have allies, they fight alone and still kicked our a**, and on that congrats, even in this unlimited flow of golds people still didnt fight for allies, thy really played simcity.
I really hope that even the weapons we use will return us and not touch our gold we had at that date
Rollback and Batasha is back o/
So those who did nothing during the past week will benefit? I expect a decent compensation for all deja vu clicking.
What about the new friends and the messages that we have sent? NO TO THE ROLLBACK!
good call, let the game continue o7 thx for hearing to us
What will happen with the accounts UNDER SITTING??? NO TO THE ROLLBACK!
nice !
when ? Interviu with sekull said: no going back
Good !!!!!! Very nice admin, it s the answer that i was waiting for
Compare gold earned by old and new players ? I got around 11 k gold for free, someone who started not long ago got just few medals , maybe 100 gold. So its more than good for all of us.
Nice Admin, u do the right thing before players left the game... ho wait...
Selling account with 2000G
it was nice,at least once i was BIG Smile))
ROLLBACK is against the will of GOD. The souls of the rollbackers will be backuped-restored in the 9th circle of the Purgatorium in eternity, where the only CPU is an 8088 4.7MHz
Should at least give everyone 50 gold for the trouble of it all ~_^
You are not asking me.. Fandi Cp of eIndonesia
Im glad i didnt waste time on medal farming,now me collecting 1k gold before this event has meaning again yes to the roll back
as always, you only asked the CPs of big countries and gave 0 f*cks about the others. lovely.
when you discus for all cp?
LOL... Changing mind AGAIN.
bad idea
Thanks for saving game o7
rollbackeen esta !!!
Who are CP s Nothings talk with me.
I am the CP of Paraguay, nobody consulted with me. i think someone lies
I am the CP of Australia no one asked me
Hahahhaha hahaha
I am CP of Austria. Nobody consulted me. More lies, deception and misinformation.
@Hrvat raczek32 said: (meeting of Country Presidents) but he means Serbia CP Wink
nice 07
7years old child can manage this game better than you
What will happen with the 60 intelligence that I got from gold pack and I payed for it???? Why did you wait so long for this decision?
Good call
If they rollback i will left game !!!!
Good Smile
is not fair to pay for your incompetence
somehow mentioning there was a CP and admin meeting, but in fact a lot of CP was not informed, is the biggest mistake
Meeting? What meeting? I didnt get invitation!!! The best od the best decided what happen. And noone asked others what they think! Shame!!!!
aleluja...finnaly some normal decision
Can you rollback 2 days of my life wasted on this event??
Punish us all with ban for exploiting bugs o/
Yes, and CP s decided What is best for them. Smile)))
Breaking News: The EREV backup was labeled E D O M !!!
Justice is satisfied! Red John vs admins 1:0
Make a pool and let the players to decide!!
Good idea
i am fine whith that, i managed to spare money during months and it was about 1500g looking foreward to a discount on upgrades.., i felt that my effort was worthless duing these days. Good decision, thanks! Smile
when ?
There is NO PROBLEM AT ALL. Rich are richer and poor are self-sustainable... That would happened IN ANY CASE after 8 months (or so...) NO ROLLBACK! It will make the things WORST!
What happend in practice, is that our medals (from the `birth`) are allmost payed DOUBLE. NO PROBLEM AT ALL. NO TO ROLLBACK!!!
And the time we spent in your game? how are you going to compensate us?
for me the rollback is a good idea. BUT dear admins.... 1 week to take this simple decision after a big bug???? No announce ingame. I hope in future more comminications an update (for ideas see in board) and a gift to all to refound this week!
and what is the exactly day for the rollback?? the tomorrow in article is today oO p.s.: we wait discounts too
Come on, make it happen already. And no discounts please. Discounts only make game`s economy to die faster.
i supported your newspaper, hope this cc will be deleted.
No voted
Passport Stamp - will revert to 21st Sept and yes, we will lose few rewards === We will get days back ? :/ If no please add +7days gold pack (to everyone)
the game continues Smile Smile Smile
no rollback
Passport Stamp - will revert to 21st Sept and yes, we will lose few rewards... FU admins
official announcement from random mod i ve never heard of, lulz, wheres the admin article? in any case clearly you didn t actually talk with every country CP, I see more people against the roll back then for it. bad idea
Sta koji kurac sad nema rolbeka. ROLL BACK!!!
if you wanna roll back give all of us 500 gold for our trouble post roll-back
np bro
So i ve wasted 9 days in here. was barely 2 clicking as it was.
Admins needed 1 update to make the game boring and 1 more to destroy it, gg erev
so we lost one week of our lifes? refund us too
admin said, no rollback
yapacağınız işi silkeyim
admin just showed how irresponsible he is.. But just wait , he will blame players for it again..that is if he end up having any left...
The most is passed! The Markets are going to normalize, the Monetary is reaching the equilibrium. DO NOT ROLLBACK. TOOOO MESSY!!!!
Bad idea! Get out of here!
can you even tie your shoelaces up with out fooking it up?
It s your mistake...not me...
Where did he go? How is that he left?
trollback? IT S OFFICIAL no trollback
İt was the worst decision ever Smile
The game continues, there will not be any rollback.
Epic Fail XD