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Hello and once again your PP candidate makes a press briefing!
The Platform
    Weekly Press Release of the status of the partyActive CabinetMore candidates and stronger more active candidates for congressNominating of a cp candidateBuilding moral in the partyMaintaing at least rank 2 in parties, but try for rank 1Better media departmentMore activity on the forum

How will i do this
    Make my own WPR weeklyPick active people for my cabinetOnly allow people with forum account to run and whip the congress membersWe will hold a primaryFind ways to build moral | This will be the hardestThis will be pretty easy to maintain 2nd, but we really going have to work for 1stThis is going be another hard one but we going to make incentives for the party members doing mediaThis is going be ok, make threads on the forum for members to do and make games and activities in our forum

Sorry about not having better graphics for this article ... this week been busy for me in rl and haven’t had time to find/make any.

What makes me better than the other candidates?
Tom ... Well i’m not better than him, I just think little different on somethings than him when it comes to the political aspect of the game.
Oblige ... Not the real oblige just a wannabe be so how can we trust him to run the party when he tried tricking us that he was the real oblige
Wooky ... I haven’t seen any activity out of him in this game, so why should we have an inactive person as pp?

Why do I want be pp?
To help build this party into the number one party and help keep it their.

Any last words?
Hope to see you all at the polls tomorrow!

Vote for better tomorrow / Vote for SAR97


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