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Hello, this is from Tigers Team.

First of all, thanks for your interest to our team.

As we saw our foundation news, this team will be operated when epic battle occured. It s not easy each mercenary has good payment when they sell their damage. 

So they need time to gather bonus items that booster their own damage. 

The main purpose of team is to save our energy bars and bazookas. 

If we gathered one battle, we can affect big influence to a battle with small dmg. 

The principle is simple, if 3 mil damage needs in a battle, 6 tigers can divide 500k damage each or 100k 200k 300k 400k 1m 1m according to their strength and health differently. And then all the payment will be divided as per their damage after battle finished. 

There is no commision, additional charge.  Just payment will be divided in 6 parts for 6 users in this case. 

Tigers will be composed of multi-nationality. This means we have own time difference, position like CP, commandes, capations, politicians.
So we won t create MU and join alliance for one-side. It can make sure we can fight all battle-ground. 

All tigers have equal right. they can give battle information to other members. And any tigers can organize our team members for one battle he happen to know. I will just list up team members in this news and delete unbelievable name out of list sometimes.

In conclusion, simple principle is that we distribute information each other and fight for client and make some money for living. 
I will investigate and write up soon the usual connecting time of tigers.


A tiger.



seoul city

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