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The British Workers Party
Established January 2016
Minority Rule

Many changes have been made in recent weeks. President Popovic was ousted and Tryasyoumight was sworn in as the countries leader, bringing with them a wealth of experience. This also meant The British Workers Party having a member being made President. I myself have been made Prime Minister, a position I am thankful for and will not take lightly. Changes have been needed, a stance I have taken since the creation of our party. Mistakes have been made, some serious mistake may I add, from myself especially, however I hope that time is a healer.

I have held my hands up and admitted my failings. Allies have been made and strengthened, international relations have been made and also broken. eRev Britain is in its infancy, it's size is it's weakness, but I hope that with the organisational strength it has now acquired, we can develop as a country and regain what we have lost, and I will strive to right the wrongs.

I am sad that gaining minority rule has been tinged with the regret of bad decisions. Mistakes will be learned from, and  we ure the people of eRev Britain that changes are afoot, and we will work together to improve relations, grow economically, and build on the good work that is being put forward by our new president and those who work for them.

Until next time,

aian kirk - Leader of The British Workers Party.


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You have started to make it up by helping put the economic reform through that we very much need. More reform is needed though and I'm sure that in time you will redeem yourself. Chin up