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Greetings fellow citizens of Japan and the rest of eRevollution world,

In this issue of our newspapers we will inform you of the new Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs) we have signed, the Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) with USA, and the ongoing issue with Canada and Ireland.

We have signed MPPs with the following countries:

- Paraguay

Iran is our close friend, and the moment they were attacked by Georgian aggressors we responded. For now, we are successfully helping our friend Iran in their efforts to thwart the aggressor. 
Paraguay came to Japan, seeking our protection from potential attacks. As always, the politic of Japan is protect weak countries from being bullied. We are glad to have established a new friendship between our two countries.

The NAP with USA

As you may have noticed, in the past few days tensions escalated between USA and Japan. 
We have proposed the following NAP in order to remove any doubt that Japan has intentions of attacking USA:

I)  Japan, Indonesia, Mexico and Taiwan (USA can count also SK if they want), will make MPP with USA to prove that we do not have aggressive intentions towards USA.

II) USA and Venezuela will allow Mexico and Cuba to have a training war between them to get TP medals (If both sides Mexico and Cuba will agree to have TW).

III) Japan wants to maintain a safe TW between Taiwan and SK on the Japanese core region, USA shall not interfere in this TW between SK and Taiwan.

IV) Should any country contemplated in this agreement break any of the terms of this NAP by passing a Declaration of war or a Natural Enemy (USA, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia and Taiwan), the country that broke the treaty can be attacked by any other country inside this agreement.

V) The terms of this Peace arrangement shall last for one month and they will be automatically renewed if neither of the parties shows any reason to oppose such a deal.

At the moment, USA has published a referendum about this NAP, and we are awaiting the results. 

You can find their article here: (LINK)

We would also like to encourage Japanese people to add their own opinions and suggestions regarding this matter in the comment section below.

The issue with Ireland and Canada:

After countless hours of negotiating, and gigantic efforts both by USA and Japan to make a beneficial agreement between Canada and Ireland, we have officially (Japan), frankly said, given up on trying to reason with the Irish CP.

We have contacted Ireland to make a deal before this war escalated, but back then Ireland wanted to completely annihilate Canada and didn t want to consider an agreement.
When the war started we have yet again contacted Ireland about making an agreement but, again, we were refused.
In the last two days after our victories we have contacted Ireland once more to see if they wanted to make an agreement, and we talked a bit finally (we suppose USA pressured them a bit to consider an agreement). But, the Irish CP only wanted to consider leaving Canada on one region and nothing else explicitly.

Considering that Japan was provoked and threatened all the time by the Irish president and that we were refused every time for a reasonable, and to both parties beneficial, agreement, and considering that Ireland has no intentions on ceasing with the hostilities, Japan has decided to give full support in completely liberating Canada from the aggressor.
In the meantime, we will still be open to a reasonable negotiation so we can end this conflict.

However, Japan has no intention of negotiating with the current Irish president. If someone wishes to speak on behalf of Ireland, they can always contact us.

Because of all of this below (and much more), we do not wish to have contacts with the current Irish president:

With respect, 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan team:

 -MoFA Shiro              -vMoFA nakituminayashi



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Hail Japan! Hail Mexico! And much other hail Hail friends!
Having dealt with the Irish government, they aren't the brightest tools in the shed, and not even close to honourable.
@ads94 And you ran away from a fight *claps*
Well, all i can and will say regarding this matter is this. Thank you, BryceKelley. If it weren't for your arrogance, down right stupidity and not to mention lack of respect and pragmatism, Canada wouldn't be on a map. Nobody would really care. So, i guess it's time to feel the gravity. If everything you are and were doing is justified by your feverish patriotism, than maybe it's time to do one last thing for your country. Step down from office. Your gamble didn't work out. You lost.
BruceKelley is biggest chicken in game. Its sad Ireland will suffer couse of his arogance... He make same thing with SSF, when we wanted to be good with Ireland, to make some common story. Now, Ireland is under PTO, and its matter of time we will take over, he just dont know who to expect, but we are already there...
Ole BruceKelly sure is funny! I directly engineered the new influx of people into Canada, supported and helped them. Then I moved to maximise factory production. I've fought for Canada in the RW and every battle since. Lies and slander doesn't work to well for you! Sad!
"So tell me... Who will protect the weak from those who protect the weak?"
o7 Hail Japan
As MoFA of Ireland let me say first I am not a supporter of Trash talking. We are in talks with Japan and Canada to progress a way forward with mutual benifit to all 3 Parties. To assist in this aim a ceasefire was agreed last night Ireland has needs, Canada has needs & Japan has needs and we will find a way to accommodate all in a spirit of mutual respect if not brotherhood. "Is iomaí slí muc a mharú seachas a thachtadh le h-im"
I confirm what Winston Hope Smith has said. o7