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c) The new government 
As CP, I want to make clear that out government is open to listen every suggestion, critic or opinion of all NK citizens. We'll only be a good and strong nation if we all stand and work together... So, feel invited to PM me or any government member about anything.

d) Pyongan is back!
As CP, I always kept a direct talk with ttanttane, South Korean CP. Since Japan and South Korean wipped us, I tried  to regain our territory through diplomacy.
On this week, NK finally managed to regain Pyongan back! SK government made sympathetic offer for us, and both nations finally agreed on the terms of returning Pyongan to NK. So, we started a RW with their help and, finally! We regained Pyongan and our sovereignty!
So I would like personally to thank ttanttane and all South Korean citizens for being comprehensive toward us. A friendly relationship between our countries will surely make both Koreas grow faster than ever. =)

e) Military MPP with Brazil;
We proposed to Brazil a MPP between both countries. With this pact, we will help them in their wars, and we are able to participate on battles from NK territory. Finally, it is a valuable token of friendship and trust between these two nations.


It is all for now. I really thank you all for you attention. Stay tuned for more news from North Korea!


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pontão da fortaleza o/
Our great leader shall lead us to victory!