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Hi my name is ,,,,,,
doesn't matter it can be any name
I m from Southern Russia, long time ago me and my allies held 70% of world power, we attacked and wiped countries for our greediness and selfishness and we always claimed it is because of our better organization, not fire power when our greediness and selfishness tired our allies, they started leaving us one by one and I started calling them traitors without understanding why last one left and how I can stop next one from leaving.
I used to humiliate brave people who were fighting against me and calling them weak I couldn't understand for these brave people who are fighting against me game is alive. for having bonuses and income and making my account stronger and richer  I was ready to kill the game for players of defeated and humiliated nations
brave people didnt give up and kept bothering me with their fighting spirit from time to time and some of my allies noticed that I m a greedy and selfish person and they joined not stronger but the braver side
everything was in pure light darkness came out and skies of my heaven became darker and darker, Armies of now are on the walls of my utopia of farming and getting richer and richer now all I can do is cry and curse traitor armies of heaven who joined darker side now I must go and produce in ahhhhh I dont wanna even name that cursed land somewhere in 7th level of down below earth

but I believe that we are made of pure light we are always the right side and our enemies are misguided warriors we have true brotherhood and sisterhood they are just united for being puppet of that cursed land they dont have any will of themselves soon light will come again all over of Southern Russia and we will farm and will get richer and richer again

Long live Southern Russia

PS this article is about a imaginary country if it has offended you , I dont give a duck :)


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:-) o/
I wanted a duck Sad
winter is coming and the mother of the dragons will fuck dark side, if she will not come, white walkers will have the power on the 7 kingdoms, so, we hope that dark side will be destroyed until the end of this year, including France Laugh
dont care
yeah yeah southern russia - from Republic of Dagestan from Republic of Ingushetia from Chechen Republic . Did i miss any other ?
Don t problem with France, just with few of you who loves VV, Dark side who fucked France during long period of time, they will use you, they will use your energy, because they did it with other who are not with them anymore
Call Russian to Georgian is most abusive thing for Georgian men. You shouldn t put RL and E-world ))) now you are welcome small basterd ))
You are using term Southern Russia, instead of Small Russia for Serbia? Interesting, I admit.
it is an imaginary country so you can put any name on it in your imaginations Cheeky
I like german tears after they loose battles Wink
I like your imagination skills, now return and improve it in relations with goats ) or with your right hand )
And we love you giga
did I hurt you feelings little boy?? Laugh
it is game that s all. we don t put real problems in eworld. some players dont know it. this is their problems. its game, some one will lie someone will backstab but u forgeting main reason of playing that fu*king game. to enjoy. to love and to respect eachothers. i have many good relations in game and also bads too but i hadn t forget that this is game just game and when i met in RL person i will be happy for meeting and i didn t start fight for erev situation. respect eachothers o7 :
Press the button Kim !
name doesnt matter it is a random name content is important you left the content and stuck to the name it is imaginary ffs :/
What a nice story. Is it based on past-to-present game events? Laugh
Tha gyrisei o troxos , tha gam... kai o ftwxos.
Aveun you are breaking my heart lol xD
Adamo sag begire jav nagire
Kaveh you should have been prepared for this before you published the article, gurgians are well known as roast masters equipped with next level humor.
We in N. Russia only want a Unified Russia without the influence of Western capitalist pig-dogs.
@Apocalipsys This guys know too much
Les siths savent
Kaveg you are the best fake German in this game
Ka-yle you are best fake German
Adamo sag begire jav nagire +1
lol Laugh poor Kaveh Laugh
ye moqe ke ham sag gerefte bood ham jav shomaharo Smile))
Hail War
@Kaveh fekr mikoni oon sag ki boode? Laugh
hamooni ke zanjiresho tekoon dadam oomad comment gozash Smile))
We want more «invented» stories Laugh
@kaveh Man ke motevajeh nemisham vali dar kol javgir nasho in ye baziye faghat
in maqale rabti be shoma nadare be har hal manam javgir nistam ye edde boodan ke dg nemitoonan bashan yani tavanesho nadaran Smile
Christy mack is best
@Kaveh maqaleye khobi bood khaste nbashi Laugh dafe baedi az in ham behtar mitoni benevisi 😍
Hartarafy hasty bash, ye bazie kamtar kasi narahat mishe, vali shody kaseye daghtar az ash 😭👍
shoma ham shodi daye mehraboontar az madar :/
@Rebazartarezzizo to hatman bayad shakhsiateto neshun bedi, taghsiri nadari
@amirrashidian nakone tavohm dari baz ke man daste posht parde daram ba kaveh. Smile) dostat ham az bazi raftan sange kio be sine mizani akhe ?
@zart bashad. to hers nakhor multi
I don t even get the context here, but the comments amuse me. let me quote Ilya Bryzgalov- is only game, why you heff to be mad?
Beast. Well spoken. In all the bitch fightings should be place for fun. For booth sides.
pure ❤
southern russia? khayemalo sag gaeed
wasnt expecting this from Kaveh