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Published in Canada - Social interactions and entertainment - 29 Aug 2017 10:52 - 11

Hello my mates i am back to canada with more experience and i know we will soon be more powerfull and strong country ... we build our country together  and we teach together fight do operations and diplomacy ... 

first step is normal sallarys for players and  it is better sell our raws and other goods in our market )  to grow tresury 

i am with you all 

greeting Qurcika tnx for citizenship 



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Welcome on board o7
o7 tnx
O7 good luck canada
Welcome back bro, we missed you Smile)
i missed you to all o7
x7 PTO master Laugh Laugh Laugh
good bye Laugh
good buy spage ) you and some people are very good ) hi beo ) nooo i am not pto master Laugh
i am fight master )) we can do many good things together with our guys leave here