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Honourable allies!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who fought on our side. This battle clearly showed who supports and fighs for Hungary. During the battle we have strengthened our relationship with many of our allies. We give thanks to the country representatives who instantly established connection with us in order to coordonate with us. In any case, we have countless friends who cooperate with us and aid us without hesitation. Hungary will never forget this and when they need our help, we’ll be there!


This battle was the biggest in the eRevollution. Both side hit hard and spend a lot of work to gain more efficient in the battlefield. Below our flag there is Serbia and Macedonia, who have been a huge help. The Czech Republic deal a huge damage and Indonesia, Spain also.
We needed every little hit and you grant it, this victory is our victory!

Thanks to everyone who fight on our side!

Respect to enemies! All of you fought hard and it was a great battle!


Hail Serbia!
Hail Macedonia!
Hail Czech Republic!
Hail Indonesia!
Hail Spain!
Hail Argentina!
Hail Slovenia!
Hail Iran!
Hail Sweden!
Hail United Kingdom!
Hail Venezuela!
Hail Hungary!

2016.02.23. (Day 44)
The Goverment of eHungary


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Voice of eHungary: Honourable Allies
Serbs from Czech Republic are hitting hard Wink S+V
Good fight Hungary o7
sorry for small dmg,We had a important war If our war was not important We were able deal dmg more for you
o7 Hail Czech Republic Hail Hungary Hail all allyies !! @Macura and Serbs and all other from Czech Republic are hiting hard Wink p.s. I am not Serbian Wink
Thanks to all! ő7
rezaderaz, calm down bro, we are glad to have you in our side Smile)
very nice played Smile) we hope that we will make more dmg .
Hail Hungary! Hail Spain! o7
Hail Hungary!
Belgor xD
07 (keep the borders closed!)
o7 congratulation guys
o7 congratulation guys
o7 Good Job congratulation guys
sorry iran couldn't deal more dmg for you
bilo kuda srbi svuda
o7 Hunrgia Smile
voted Laugh
voted (º_º)7
Szerintem már megbánták ezek az abroszok is hogy mibe vágták. Smile
SerHun 07