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Hello fellow Americans,
Today I will be briefing you regarding the state of our country so far in regards of our domestic programs and foreign developments, specifically regarding Japan. So, as a start, I will brief everyone on the situation with Japan.

The Japanese Menace, the negotiations and the proposal

As some of you may have realized, during the latest days the tensions escalated between the United States and Japan. This all started due to a threatning message sent by the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Shiro. The US Government didn't take it well which resulted into a media spectacle. Since the release of the articles on both sides explaining both the American and the Japanese view on the diplomatic conflict, Japan has tried to approach the US government in order to cease the tensions between our two nations.

Considering the fact that there was a threat and even considering the fact that the Japanese government admitted that the reasoning behind was to weaken EAGLE as much as possible and that message could have been worded better, the Japanese government proposed the following terms for the maintenance of peace:

1. Japan, Indonesia, Mexico and Taiwan (USA can count also SK if they want), will make MPP with USA to prove that we do not have aggressive intentions towards USA.

2.USA and Venezuela will allow Mexico and Cuba to have a training Wars bewteen them to get TP medals (If both sides Mexico and Cuba wil agree to have TW).

3. Japan wants to maintain a safe TW between Taiwan and SK on the Japanese core regions, USA shall not interfere in this TW between SK and Taiwan.

4. Should any country comtemplated in this agreement break any of the terms of this NAP by ping a Declaration of war or a Natural Enemy (USA, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia and Taiwan), the country that broke the treaty can be attacked by any other country inside this agreement.

5. The terms of this Peace arrangement shall last for one month and they will be automatically renewed if neither of the parties shows any reason to oppose such a deal.

As your current Head of State, I could have accepted this deal and ceased the hostilities, however as a democratic country, I believe that the people should have a say since this all started from a threat to the United States of America. As such, as your current President I have decided to bring this matter up for a National Referendum.

You can vote by filling up this form: https:///8bYo4b

Remember that this terms are not yet set into stone and the referendum is mostly to know whether the country wishes to have peace or prefers to go to war. So if you have a different view, make sure to use the appropriate question on the forum to put up your opinion. Only American citizens may vote.

You may vote in this matter for the next 36h , upon which the votes will be tallied and made public. Upon the results of the referendum, the Executive will present a decision based upon the vote of the people to the Japanese government.

US Domestic Front - NASA Project

As some of you may have heard, the US government has been pushing to have a baby boom, therefore we ask all our citizens to pay attention to their inbox for the new NASA project.

This project is simple and will only take a few minutes of each citizen, so here's the brief:

1. Each citizen will receive regularly a list of 3 or 4 links in their inbox. Each of this links will lead you to a forum or a website where you can either vote eRevollution up or where you can advertise it.

2. You click the link and see which one applies. If it's a vote, just vote eRev up, if it's a forum or something, just register an account and write something about eRevollution to drag more American citizens into the game.

If everyone contributes, we can hopefully increase our lation a bit. I also take the opportunity to leave a suggestion to the admins: Find a way to get eRevollution featured by Google. Doing so, will increase a lot the number of new citizens joining worldwide!

Raffles and Contests

The Department of Interior is working on a series of Raffles and contests, if you feel like participating, please make sure to read the rules and the details posted by the Secretary of Interior Hunburry here:

DoI Contests and Raffles -

You'll find the rules and details about it all in there.

Department of Education - American University

The American University is a program started by the Department of Education with the aim to instruct and teach our new players their way around the game. In the University the students will be presented a general curriculum with the important game mechanics and a walkthrough on how the game works. During this curriculum, the students will also be subject to evaluation and to rewards should they get the answers correct.

So if you are a new player and you are interested in the University, make sure to use the following links:




If you are an older player and you are interested in teaching the new generation of citizens, make sure to fill the Mentor application form!

US Cabinet internship programs

This might come a bit as a surprise since I didn't debate this with my cabinet and it is my sole decision, however as current President I believe to be of the utmost importance to prepare citizens to take over certain roles over the course of time. It is with this aim that I am officially opening an internship program for each citizen interested in knowing a little more about how the government works and to learn the ropes of their Department of Interest. The idea is simple: a citizen fills up the form listing the departments that interest them the most and after that, one of the Secretaries will pick up on the request and contact the intern in question.

You may fill the form here: https:///VFYjb2

Requirements for acceptance:
1. Be active on the eUSA forums, ingame and on IRC.
2. Be a team player

Do you have the ball to take part on the decision making? Apply now then!

You may all now return to your regularly scheduled clicking!

Thank you and kind regards,

This message has the seal of approval of the President of the eUnited States



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