The Truth Hurts!!!

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yesterday, i really shocked after 24h temp ban.. cos i didnt discuss with anyone, or didnt used any abused words.. when i asked to admins by mail, i saw the again same scenario...
What happenned yesterday...

After war DIBRA, serbia vs Albania, serbia won the battle.. and this time they flooded game chat.. they used word KOSOVO at their floods... when they used this, i wrote somethings like  Nice battle, Nice war, but hail Kosovo Republic... 

My ban reason is  I provoke players with this word KOSOVO REPUBLIC... when i asked them, using KOSOVO word at DIBRA war is not provocation for rest of serbs? not any answer to this.....

It is not my first discuss with admins on this... i left mod team, i got 3days temp ban, i got lots of mute cos of this... when i discuss with serbians, i got mute, but they got nothing several times...

But last temp ban was so different... my kosovo republic word was an answer to serbians shouts... 

Now, i want to ask admins: WHY you see only provocations against serbs? did you temp ban any serbian when they shouted with flood, about KOSOVO, after DIBRA war...

why you ignore others? If you added kosovo as part of serbs, this is your fault too, NOT MINE... IF you added that region, OFC we will talk about it... you didnt add as x or y, you added with RL names.. 

You can ban me after this article, But dont touch the article!!!


Serbians may have more population, or more Credit Cards, but ALL OF US SPENT TIME FOR THIS GAME... 

If you admins, wont be fair for ALL players, you ll lose, LIKE OTHERS.... i wont lose anything when i leave...

King Regards to ALL



PS: My words are not about Kosovo, serbia, or Albania... i just wanted to explain DOUBLE STANDART by admins... 



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Kosovo cant be republic by the resolution 1244 without Serbian support for Kosovo independence. End of this long story. mrak KOSOVO IS SERBIA
kosovo is kosovo
Kosovo je ❤ Srbije
Srbije je Ottoman ♥️
AHAHAHAHAH Romy cry again Laugh ahahahah Biger baby in this game is: Battle Hero, second is Kinyas and third is Romy Laugh
i really just don t know why you use RL stuff to make fights around here? everyone has different opinion, you think one thing i think other think, someone is wrong and time will show it. we all came here to leave rl stuff behind, its okey to discuss about sport, music, movies or something like that but why you talk about politics? you know our attitude towards Kosovo and you on purpose talk about it just to start fight and claiming false statements about Kosovo just to makes us angry and when you get respond you start cry. please stop it we only came here for fun, better prove yourself on battlefield that talkins nonsense here and on the all wall! hf o/
There are some errors in typing, do not mind, i did it really fast.
M8... Admins consider anything Kosovo related as an offence to them. So anytime you shitpost about that rl opinion of yours about Kosovo, you will get temp banned. Keep collecting temp bans and you will get a perma. It`s as simple as that. This game has way worst problems than admins imposing their RL opinion on this RL matter.
Romy, I have any words for you cause you re a real Albanian Lover, I have respect it. My words for the peoples who introduce oneself as TURKIST-NATINONALIST, but says something from big NATO mouth. Are you f*king kidding with me? Remember what Atsiz said about Albanians beside Yugoslavians, I do not want leave that words to here. Remember the rebellious Albanians against us. Remember how our Albanian commanders sold out whole Balkan Wars, remember how their ancestor skander changed side for times(they are still hailing him). I understand that you dont have any international connection, except here. And you thought they re lover of Turks, THEY HATE US AS SERBS. If you say; there s Kosovo no Albania, I just want to see your head is okay when you say -kosovo is kosovo-. Think it like that, after your said KOSOVO IS KOSOVO, how could you say -southerastern anatolia is turkey-, or -karabakh is azarbaijan-? Noone waits loves from you, but you have to be clever and behave according to that. KOSOVO IS THE BIGGEST PROJECT OF USA AND NATO AFTER KURDISTAN!
why you still dont understand that, i didnt talk about KOSOVO on this article? i talked about DOUBLE STANDART... after DIBRA war, serbians shouted about KOSOVO, this is not provocation, but my words are provocation???? I talked about this... is it hard to understand? OR you see as you wish?
başlık güzelmiş abi Smile
looks like someone is butthurt for the banhammer Sad
Hail Albania, hail free Kosovo.hail NATO. Albanians Croatian friendship since 1942 #EndWhatWasStartedOnWw2
+1389 Romy
Dude on 1389 serbia became a Ottoman vassal and gave them one son from each family for the next 471 years -.-
Hail Free Kosovo
We can shout whatever we want about our land, if you arent braindamaged you can open the map and see that Kosovo i Metohija is a part of Serbia. If that hurts you, you can leave, who cares, just stop crying and being butthurt 24/7 #PrayForRomy #PuppyTearsSaddestTears
@Sidrit007 and you just proved that you dont know history again! ahahahahahah
LoL in 1942 albania didnt exist ITALIAN PROTECTORAT_VASSAL ayaaa
Kmeeeee Kmeeeee Kmeeeee
1. This is not a fair play game. 2. Admins has double standards, politics are not an exception. 3. There is a huge lack of professionalism among Admins and Mods. 4. All of those are reasons why this game has less and less players and slowly dying. 5. I am writing this not to insult anyone, my only goal is an attempt to contribute struggling for survival of the game.
Kmeeeee Kmeeeee Kmeeeee
You shiptars are boring with kosovo stuff all the time. Get this: you simply cant steal other countrys land and claim it as your own! Only you think its fine and that it works. And another thing, there is no shiptar croatian brotherhood
Serbian Emperor Dusan was hoping to replace Byzantium. Byzantines were infighting (Serbian emperor gave refuge to exiled emperor) and state was decaying after 4th crusade so his mission was to create new Serbo-Greek empire. He was doing damn good job but his son was not influential enough to finish what his father started.
Kosovo have its own government policies army etc. If Serbs try to cross the border they ll march through hell Wink
@sidrit007 hahahahahaha you stupid woman
If u have balls come and take Kosovo Wink
@Levi Ackerman, please stop man, you really dont know how ridicioulus you look with wining about admins
@sidrit007 hahahahahaha you stupid goatlover
@Peaky Blinder the game is breathing it s terminal breath, and the dude is trying to make the admins use a god dam defibrillator. If you wanna burn away the money you spent on this game, go ahead.
@torped why would u call your mum a goat ??
As always, Peaky has only ridiculous comments. All his articles are just useless debates or simply trolling. Better avoid to advocate Admins, your comments make them looking even worse. I can write an article about their unprofessional behaviour, but this is not a point. What is important, Romy is former Moderator, and we have here a former Mod writing such an article? Ringing bells?
i give a 5h1t what kosovo or sebria means
Dear Romy, I realy respect your patriotism and your contribution in every Serbian-Albanian war in game. First step for opening disscusion is showing respect. Writing Serbia and Serbians without captial letter (ex. serbia) every time exept at beggining of the sentence while writing Kosovo and Albania with capital letter is a bit provocating and insulting, so I dont beleive in your effort to start disscusion. I hope to see your avatar in top 8 for Albanian wars for a long long time. Sincirelly , Bizmismen ex. Archimagus
Zamanında Little Ceasers pizzasını sevmediği için diğer oyunda ban yemiş arkadaşım var, sana onu da getiricem. Onu da getiricem...
sidrit007 he calls ur mom a goat cause all europe knows that albanians have special kind of love for goats. Some would say its unnatural, but for such a backward nation its understandable...
Lafı kıçından anlayan hepinizin amk. Adam çifte standarttan bahsediyor siz Kosovo diyorsunuz.
damn essein this is why tirana is full of serbian prostitutes
@sidrit007 you so funny and stupid at the same time
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a butt hurts Laugh
I dont give a damn if I will be banned permanently. In real live Kosovo is Republic, recognized by 114 countris, like USA, 23 EU countries, Turkey, Albania, Australia, Canada and many many other countries. Serbia, Romania and admins all can do is suck our dicks. So long mother fuckers. You can not change reality. Kosovo is Albania.
relax take it easy
KOSOVA O SHQIPERI ju tjert familjenmuni meqi
Adriano by your logic when thief steals something he cant be charged with theft because that item/money belongs to him now? You stole serbian land because you hump and multiply like rabbits
Itulah yang terjadi kalo masalah antar negara di bawa-bawa ke game.... santai aja bung, woles aja, ini toh just a GAME...........
I see OFC in the text i upvote #simpleman
like I said before the slaves are animals who came from Mongolia.they don t have inteligece they are stupid animals and thay used force to take are culture .they are using again force but this time virtual force to win bkz they are not smart enough smart to play a single fair game.another funny thing is that every time that serbians use to protect they fairy tales about kosove they cant do that,serbs only say that Kosovo is Serbia but never proved with facts .this is so stupid just stop talking