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Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) - First steps in eRevollution - 14 Jan 2016 04:43 - 40

96 hours after the launch here are the first stats:|||-enormous number of invitations sent
- All of them were opened
-over 3800 registered as citizens
-258 new citizens just from yesterday
-254 online at the moment
-Average level of the citizens is 8

The average citizen visits Erevollution at least once per day, in his visit he stays an average of probably 120 minutes and views 31 page(s). depending on the day between 120 and 534 new citizens are born and over 200 people
ask for an paid invite. Oh, and Erevollution citizens really like Firefox (56%).

I admit that this is a much better game, i hope you the citizens will look after the economy.
P.S: I am greedy old man that steals cash

"Erevollution is a better game."

~Plato 2016 A.D.

Thank  you for reading,
and dont forget to sub+endorse+vote+shout :)


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Erevollution after 96 hours shout
hahahahaha (y)
o7 Please sub me too guys Laugh
why this site completely copy of erepublik?
v8/s7 Please sub back too Nice article Laugh
200 citizens after deleting multies...
SUB 4 SUB! p.m.
Pluto is that you you greedy @@@@ Laugh
Palto spierdalaj na drzewo chciwy skurwielu!!! Zawsze chciałem to napisać!
sub 33 plz sub back
I thought it would be hard to be worse than eRep. This game, actually is a lot worse-
endorse? are you kidding :d lol we all need CC and food Laugh and you are asking us for endorse? Laugh LooooLLLL Laugh
Well, its hard to endorse since this is a new game and yet no job no money. Anyways good job and keep update this game!
Sub pls
sub 4 sub
sub 4 sub pls
ha i like this plato
No it's not if from day 1 u need money to evolve! sub4sub
I sub
"I admit that this is a much better game, i hope you the citizens will look after the economy." better then what? [VOTE, COMMENT & SUB]
It's the best game that i havn't ever played
this game is just a copy paste
ahahahahhahaah no plato nooooo ahahahah
Dont steal the erep players money. This game provides much more real money than stealing. Your baba's Advice.
Read in 2020 o7
2020 in action Laugh