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February 21, 2016 | Stars and Militia’s Edition 1 | Day 42
Chairman Named to Lead the Unit!!!!!!!!!!
Writing by: Chairman Arith

I am honor to have the privilege of being ask to run this great MU and have such a great group of soldiers under my command. I could not ask for better group of guys and gals. I feel I was giving a great honor and don’t want let anyone down. If you feel that I’m letting you down, let me know.

Minutemen Division
Writing by: Vice Chairman SAR97

Commanding by: MG Nicky6Fingers
The Minutemen Command of the rUSA Militia is the Training Command of the unit. We pride ourselves over making the best soldiers and military leaders. We don't accepted failure, our mission is a must!!!! If we fail our country fails, which we can't let happening. The Minutemen Division also controls the Company igned to hold soldiers who are waiting to be accepted in other units of the unit!

National Guard Divison
Writing by: Vice Chairman SAR97

Commanding by: MG Thomas Killah
The National Guard Command of the rUSA Militia is the Reserve Command of the unit. The National Guard Pride them selves over defending the country, housing national politicians, and getting soldier ready for the Armed Forces. If we fail, our country fails. It not in the National Guard way to let the country fail. The National Guard holds a Chair(wo)man Command/ (2 Companies) fighting in battles for and a DoD Command (2 Companies) fighting for the DoD.

Armed Forces Command
Writing by: Vice Chairman SAR97

Command by: MG Kejoh66 and Covow
The Armed Forces Command, is the home home of the feared, the mighty, the patriotic, warriors of the rUSA and the rUSA Militia. By Air, by sea, or by land it doesn't matter we be at your door in less than 24 hours busting it in guns blazing.From the mighty Army on the land to the Air Force in the skies to the Special Forces hiding in plan sight we got it all.

rUSA Militia Logo
Writing by: EddieA and Vice Chairman SAR97

Upon Request, from Chairman Arith. EddieA created the rUSA Militia logo. Seen at the top of the newspaperHe also in the process of design our Uni!"I am Eddie and I was bored so I made them the logo." Is the Reason he Created them for us. Then later changed his mind to say "rUSAM is another MU that follows Gov. priors. So, I was recently reached by Arith and was asked if I could work on their logo, having spare time on hand, I did it." So there you have it guys and gals.

rUSA Militia Needs Your Help
Writing by: Vice Chairman SAR97

As you see in the first picture the minutemen only has few guy to support and protect behind the front lines!!! The minutemen plead for your istance!!
The National Guard is the same problem they only have one guy to ist the front line guys!!! In this picture shows some ST6 ist the National Guard, Doing there mission, and watching one guy do an army work.
Armed Forces, By foot, By land, By air we there. Problem is there only few guys in it to be there. Come help out your fellow comrades win the war on the front lines!!!
This message is brought to by the  Joint Chief of Staff Office. Join Today, be apart of better tommorow. See you around!



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