Big Brother Is Watching

Published in Georgia - Political debates and analysis - 26 Jul 2017 15:41 - 11
Because  some players are crying a lot about DS and I can t found any logic in this action, I have idea for admins: @Admins, create new event, where they will win rewards for hitting against Ds. Maybe after this event, they will stop absolutely stupid crying :)

Yours faithfully, Zlatan0000 ;)


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არ მოიწონებს ადმინი 😄😄😄😄
you are clearly gurgian, repeating some things doesent mean that it will become true, but on other hand you are Gurgian, nobody doesent expect more from Gurgians
Says germoneyian kidooo peaky cry more.
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winking or wanking, or maybe you meant stop whining, but as I told you are gurgian, so if kinyas doesent tell you what to write, you dont know how to do it
I said winking and your right(or left) hand knows that Wink Peaky you are biggest demagogic person in Erev history and we love you for that thing Smile Now go and return to winking. Kiss
sou you used google translator, thats good
Just peaky being peaky, chill :3
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If it is yours I accept that