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Hello Lithuania and friends!
Yesterday Lithuania, EAGLE and Sweden have reached a peace agreement. I would like to congratulate everyone present in the negotiations and thank our friends for all the help done in our war. With no doubt Lithuania and Sweden performed one of biggest wars in game. Friends, thank you so much for fighting with us in the battles, Lithuania is pleased to have such good allies and we remember every single help we received. You can count on Lithuania for anything you need brothers. o7

The Baltic Economic Project
In the following days, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will perform the Baltic Economic Project. The project will involve swap of regions between our countries and organization of future TWs (Training Wars) in order to grant our people TP medals. It will be very positive to the baltic region once we shall grant bonuses for all of us and improve the military coordination of baltic countries. However we need your help to do it. Estonia is facing financial problems and they need help. Every single donation would be welcome to help them make the attacks. Please donate any amount of gold you can to the Estonian CPhttp://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/2683


How the project will work:
Today Latvia will declare war on Estonia and tomorrow Lithuania will declare war on Latvia. In the next days Lithuania shall take the following regions from Latvia: Hrodzienskaya, Brestskaya and Homelskaya. At the same time Latvia will take Laane-Eesti and Louna-Eesti from Estonia to recover the lost bonuses. Once Lithuania and Latvia finish the battles, Estonia will attack Finnish regions to recover and gain more bonuses. That's how the map will look at the end of the project:



Let's make this project real for the baltic family! Remember to donate, if possible, gold to Estonian CP.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs: Walen



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