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Japan market house raw price

I selling 0.1 each

License cost 20 gold
Really worth it?

Let's see
The matter must be considered many day can earn back 20 gold

2.Nationals of that country will buy your goods?

3.The national commodity prices. We must need to observe prices. 

4.Check Gold prices

5.Think about this country will disappear??

If there is no problem.
20 gold License is worth to buy.
2.3 months may be able to earn back.
If the country's foreign have good exchange market.

Own discretion. Trafficking in that country or international market.

If you looking for a stable country?
Japan is your best choice 


Q3 house raw is 10 G

1 Q3 house raw can make
125 x 1.8=225 raw

225 x 0.1=22.5

22.5/208=0.108173 G

0.1 G everyday can earn
100 Day can earn back a Q3 house raw.

And house raw price never change.

22.5 can buy 375s food raw If 0.06 each JPY


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V 0.1 good price for RAW Smile
V .. thanks for this info