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A dictionary which no novice citizen of eREVOLLUTION can afford to be without
Let s admit it that not all of us know the meaning of every acronyms and abbreviations found in this game, especially if this is the first time you ve get to play an MMO game. Heck, even few of us might not know what MMO game is (in case you do not know, it s Massively Multiplayer Online game). This issue can sometime makes you scratch your hair, or your head in case you don t have any :-) while desperately wondering what a player is trying to say using those abbreviations and acronyms.

Based on that, I ve come with an idea of compiling a dictionary of commonly used acronyms, abbreviations and slang words in this game. But I won t and couldn t be alone in this since I myself is one of those people who were being pictured in the situation above. I already collected some of them acronyms and abbreviations which I ve seen anywhere in eREV. Figured the meaning of most of them, but the rest are still unknown to me.


For starter, I ve collected some acronyms and abbreviations then divide them into four categories:

1. General
2. Military Warfare
3. Business Economy
4. Politic Government

We can add more categories when needed. If the list of acronyms and abbreviations turns out to be big, we can even create dedicated dictionaries for each category. But for now let s start with what we ve got at hand.

eREVOLLUITION s Dictionary of Acronyms, Abbreviations Slang Words - alpha version 1.0

Here s the alpha version 1.0 of the dictionary in Google Sheets format:


Volunteers needed!

So here I am calling out all of eREV players who are willing to help in this community project. You can help in many ways to get this mission accomplished, including but not limited to:

✓ Finding more acronyms, abbreviations and slang words (write them in the comment section)
✓ Adding definitions to the undefined ones (write them in the comment section)
✓ Graphic design skills (cover, logo, banner, etc)
✓ Voting and sharing this article so it can reach the maximum number of eREV players


I m open to suggestions and corrections, so don t be shy and shout your words out loud in the comment section. As always, subscribe to this newspaper in case you haven t done so you can get notified whenever I ve come out with a new article or another community based projects. Don t forget to have fun and be safe!



Comments (22)

guys, anyone of you know the definitions of BH, CO, CS, SG and CC?
Battle hero, combat order, citizenship, i don't know this one and country currency(basicly money)
thanks, it helps alot
Good word! S+V =D
Good work.... o7
thanks man (y)
thank you Smile
SG secretary genral (comander of an alliance)
got it, thanks RAF
makasih gan
TW - Training War BO - Battle Order DO - Daily Order WTS - Want To Sell WTB - Want To Buy S> - Selling B> - Buying TLDR - Too Long Didn't Read Some that I could come up with on the spot...
nice project....voted
NAP - Non-Aggression Pact, Clutch - When the difference between the bot sides is less than your dmg done, DMG - damage, DOW - Declaration of War, DC - Day Change, Drain - Battle that is made as a decoy for enemies to waste damage, Merc - Person or MU that fights for money, MPP - Mutual Protection Pact, Prio - Battle that is the priority, Ref - Referral, Tank - person that can do high damage in short time. Here are some more for you! Wink
I think CO is for the other game.. Cmiiw
thanks guys for the votes & inputs, especially you @Mr_B .. keep 'em coming! @Fingolfin, what game gan .. and do you imply that CO is not being commonly used in eREV?
@Lionel Messi, seriously? xD
v13, s75, sukses gan
@GemXbong, thanks gan @iper, makasih gan .. ane udah sub balik ya