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Published in Georgia - Political debates and analysis - 20 Feb 2016 09:02 - 16

             hi guys  as everything became clear  inspection didn’t ban our
players so we apologize him for blaming in which we were not sure. But it did
not change that fact that when started a war our best players including
president and minister of defense were banned by someone and inspection made
about 2 million damage against us. That’s why we thought about him that he was
unfair and he was helping Iran.    Now it’s clear that he sold his damage and didn’t ban no one but the fact stays fact. Who and why banned almost half
players of our best 20 ? we ask for admins for explanation, everyone agree that
unexplained ban of such amount of players including political figures leaves
lots of questions. moreover In other players there is written a reason for
example “suspected For using multiply accounts “ but in that case no.    So we demand at least explanation from admin’s.   it’s impossible that dozens of players where cheating and got banned before we started military actions.  The day before ban our president took important
amount of money from the country budget to his account to sell it to players
and the gold return in budget. So after ban money stayed in his banned account which
is vital for country’s existence.     We or at least I ask admins.
1. check the banned accounts, that is impossible that they all where cheaters and got
ban during war.
2. IF they all are guilty give us information in which and why. In this case please return
our money to budget which is our presidents account.
3.  unban our innocent players and tell us who banned them and his opinion why.   
         Thanks and regards from Georgia I hope you will let us (players) know what is happening



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Dont cry gays Laugh
Stop cheating...
Stop cheating
no one cheats we just demand explanation
tqven iranel dedebs vtene
thanks iranian plaiers great battals Wink Smile)
it's impossible that half georgia was cheating even they who spend real money here. and they got ban when the war started. we demand explanation.
Giga@ we had peace with you ... when you started this useless war you hitted in first day more than 25kk. so admin should stop you.(something was wrong) You wanna to loose this game... Do you think it is hard job for me to tell my ppl makes multies? (I hate this type of game. some of your players have more than 10 accounts)
funny Smile we had lots of weapons and because. we started a war because we were peace a long time and without war it's impossible to develop you need true patriot medals. moreover ally,s made about 10 million damage. I don,t think that they had multiply accounts Smile and if this is so i as you read above i DON ask to unban them. we just need answers whey they got ban ? ? ? in other players the reason is written and to them no.
Anyway you lost 2 regions yesterday and probably 2 more today. and banned so many members of your country because you know the reason yourself: Maybe you won iran rw or lost it. but you are loser finally. cause you did cheating(many days ago)
Laugh he didn't banned them. Smile yes. lost this regions was suprise for us. you sold 2 million damage and kami neko made almost 10 million for you thats funny. yes we lost regions and what? ? tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will get them back that's don't disturb us.
Yeah but you pay 60golds for nothing ... and maybe more
we still didn't payed to no one for damage if you believe Smile
Giga. I think you are logical man. We don't have anything to lose. This is a game and yeah you are in strong alliance which contain 70% of world. But how many times you wanna to ask them to fight free for you(If you believe they fought for free,I'm sure you bought 4kk at least yesterday) . First you lost 2regions from armenia,russia. (war declaration and attack cost is 60golds alone) And finally something which make me confused is this: This game isn't like e r e p. so you can use bonus in every country which you are in it. Like me and my friends which we are in USA most of time Laugh This shit game gave full bonus to them without any conquering lol
Smile we don't need ask for there help when kami neko fights Smile
its funny iranians causing someone for cheating if you know republic history Laugh