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Small functional improvements that would completely change the game for the better (in my opinion at least)

1. Alerts
    Add an alert to keep track of how many items you sold in the Trading Market, just like the Monetary Market alerts, something like: "You just sold 100 Food Raw Materials for 10 PTE" (cc from Portugal in my case). Or a new page where you could see this information (Business log).

2. Auto refresh
    Too many times I didn't know I had new Messages until I navigated to a different page or did a manual refresh. This also happens when I'm in the Storage page and I recover some energy, the Energy bar fills up but my inventory remains the same.

3. Feeds
    3.1. Add a Country feed. I think it would improve communication between country citizens because right now we only have the Party and MU feed and in countries with several Party and MU citizens don't have a place in game to talk amongst themselves.

    3.2. With all Sub4Sub and Trade messages in the All Feed, why not think about creating 2 new Feeds "Newspapers" and "Trades"? The idea isn't to incentivate the Sub4Sub but try to keep them away from the All Feed so that the All Feed can be used to have real conversations with players all around the world. The same reason applies to the Trade messages, because let's face it, neither of them will stop anytime soon.The Newspaper Feed could also be used to auto post a message every time a new Article was published from a Newspaper you subscribe (could replaced the new article Alert you created recently)

4. Community
     In the Elections page, since you pre-select the type of election as 'Presidential elections' you could pre-select the most recent date and show the results instead of a blank page. This could also be done when changing the type of election. This way, by default, you'd always see the most recent results for the type of election you chose.
5. Messages
     The messages page I thinks it's a bit confusing. The sent messages shouldn't appear as an unread message.

6. Newspapers
     It would be great to know someone posted a comment on an Article you wrote. I know you could be notified 
with spam comments, but what about the not scam comments?

7. One Click Menu
     If I want to go to my Companies page, I have to click on My Buildings and then click again on Companies. 
Why not allow the 1st Menu to expand on mouse over?
8. Trading Center
    When in the trading center it would be nice to switch the Item you want to buy, without going all the 
way back to the 1st menu by default. For instance, if I'm looking at Q1 Food and I want to see the offers for Q2 Food it would the good to be able to do that only by selecting the Product Quality and not have to select the Product + Product Quality again.

New functionalities

9. Allow corporations, private or for the government, allowing them to have their own storage space (5k minimum limit for example) and its own money. For instance this would allow to develop new cool features like the Military Unit be able to set an extra reward, from items in the MU storage, for the DO. This could be an automatic way for the MU to distribute the items that some of them already distribute to their fighting members.

10. Create a Global Monetary Market to change cc from country A to cc from county B directly, opening the way to multinationals.


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Comments (49)

o7 great idea
I support this.
i'm agree with number 3, voted
support 10
With your alerts/autorefresh, I've always thought a cool feature in these games would be a live market ticker. It could cycle through the current lowest selling price of various quality foods and weapons. Autorefresh in general should be a default item on the agenda for games like this.
Support Laugh
That would be interesting as well
Bom, muito bom Wink
All are good ideas.
voted Laugh
nice nice
Support for all.
with no.10 you will turn this into my kind of game Wink ...a dead game
These are all great ideas. I will save the link, and we will probably see them in the game. Good work.
Thanks for all the feedback Smile glad to help out Wink
3.3 Crear un feed especial para que Nexus y Eagle se bardeen JEJEJEEJEJ
I am playing on tablet and some buttons don't work like friends, donate. If you solve this glitch would be nice. your update features are nice.
Thumbs up Wink
very good ideas! especially point 10 voted Smile
I liked most of the ideas but number 10 is the one i think we need the most
they dont know lol +v
good things except the auto refresh... with autorefresh the end of a battle whould be very funny... Laugh
voted, agree with the most of them .. hey, you got a new subscriber!
Thanks everyone Smile if you have some ideas share them here also Smile
good job
Support o7
vote! o7
no need for s4s feed. admins have deleted fake subs so I think there should not be s4s spam nor feed for that. I think there should be friends feed, now friends list is useless without it.
I think the subs deletion made the s4s a little worse again =X but regarding the Friends I'm still thinking on what its full potential could be.
When someone donate you some items, in alert you should see which items are donated.
For voting system, i have an idea that system should show who vote yes, no, and abstain. Just to prevent any traitors in each countries Wink
Voted. Great ideas!
@tr0mbudinha you're right, spam is even worse. But I didn't mean it's better now, I meant, players who spam should be punished. We maybe need some report button in all chat or something to stop and prevent those spamers. And for monetary market, if global, it should only be for exchanging currency, not gold. All other ideas are great.
And they should fix % in battle. It cant be 100% on one side if damage on one side is lets say 20mil on other 35mil.
Admin!!!...tr0mbudinha speak very much!!LaughLaughLaugh......100 things in this game don't work properly!!!! Tropico is guilti for this....hahahaha.....