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Published in United Kingdom - First steps in eRevollution - 12 Jan 2016 05:43 - 122

We are very impressed by the larity this game has received so far. As we weren't expecting such a big rush of people, we have experienced some technical
difficulties considering lag.
Because of that we are currently optimizing our servers, so the game will run smoothly for all of you early contributors and new future players.
Thus all of you who have been with us will receive 10 gold, for your support and patience even in times of lag.

Also now when you fight for a country you do 5x more damage, but that also consumes 5x more energy.

We are looking for new game moderators. You can apply by sending the mail to support (, in which you must tell something about yourself, which languages you speak and how much time you have throughout the day. You are required to have Skype as well.

Sincere regards,
eRevollution Team


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Comments (122)

first Cheeky
we need cc, too. no one have cc!
We definitely need CC to move the market, I can not mantain those workers for a long.
Good luck o/
Without cc, no food, no game. Put fictitious employers with good salaries Wink o/
good )
sub for sub
buying the food factory in the last mission took 20g instead of 10g which was pointed out
sub for sub !!
eskiler salın gelsin zıbırcıklı bi oyuna benziyo
eski dediğin 1 gün öncesi için.
We need cc Smile
o7 Thank you !
is to much similar with erep .. bring more ideeas in the gam
Set ADMIN gold for CC and CC for gold, you set price admin o7
Ви нид ћирилица.
leveling is too fast, there should be a bigger gap between the levels. same goes for military ranks. any explanation for gun, tank and helicopter? are you planning 3 different walls during battle?
It looks like you ripped off frontend of eRep and wrote a backend Laugh Better not get sued
why the hell i click on endors do I get something from that or I just lose 25CC Laugh
i couldn register because of server issues... do i get some compensation too?
selling 15 weapon q1 for 2gold pm me
we are with you where is our 10 gold?
tell me
nasıl alıyoz la 10 g
Applying for MOD
I would like to apply for MOD. Thank you very much.
When is the form due for mods?
thank you o7
I wanted to create a q1 food company for the quest and clicked only once, but got TWO companies instead of one and some gold got wasted, how do I contact support?
Good luck o/
We need cc and more jobs...otherwise a nice gameSmile
Admin 10 gold ne zaman gelecek!
140 gold ver tırrek
sal gelsin
Thank you solved this problem with the optimization, it is difficult to work the game. I believe in you, and I hope in the future the problems with the game will be less and less)
o7 SUB PLZ Laugh
o7 email?? Cmon..
give as more wars , more gold and cc to move monetary market,
Votado canejo! quiero hacer un partido político... no me alcanza el gold Sad
A suggestion, the page and the game mechanics itself looks ripped off from eR, it wouldn't hurt you guys change the graphics or something cuz looking like a copy-game doesn't bring a good reputation and kind of scare away "exprienced players" and i can tell you had put a lot of effort in this, hope you read this
I wanted to create a q1 food company for the quest and clicked only once, but got TWO companies instead of one and some gold got wasted, how do I contact support? x2
Gold luck
Zeki Müren de bizi görecek mi?
Please add national shout, it will be perfect Laugh
Hey!! I want be mod for LATAM, Good Luck!
Plato, is that you? Smile
This game is a great idea. I suggest you to change at least graphics before eRep obtains that you close because of copying them.
hmmmm....can i apply for moderator also? Laugh
Question: Is there an active bot buying off the resources at some certain price and if yes, can you please post the prices?
Hi, I don't understand why i can post on the MU wall only 1 time per 3 minutes. But it's OK, why not. What it's really strange that the after the time block the initial question what I want to reply was disappeared. So need more time to keep the log on the wall, or delete the 3 min pending time...
how i can receive that 10 gold for gift ?
remove the 3rd quest
When will we receive the gold?
how can i get 10 gold?
o/ nice
Mission 5 for win cc please Wink
nice Smile
i would like to be mod and help me for golds for my country Smile
sub for sub
Shitty game
where is my 10g? Smile
10g is good, if we have it Laugh By the way mates, I need 6 more friends for the mission, anyone??
where is my 10 gold xdxdxdx
where is 10 gold Cheeky
10 gold please ? sub
Here I am Smile
Am I late?
regisering in 2nd day looks like a punishment. we need 10 gold too..
give gold to us too. or we will leave and go back to erep
10g it's call ok.
I didnt receive anything :/
where is my 10 gold? Smile
Where is my 10 gold?
Oi gente